Uber Drivers Put On Notice Over NTSA Chip

On top of having a valid professional driving license, log book, identity card and certificate of good conduct, Uber drivers will now be required to have an electronic chip windscreen sticker from the National Transport and Safety Authority.

This, according to the taxi-hailing company is to ensure that details entered on the application by the drivers match those registered by NTSA. In previous cases, uber riders have filed complaints about theft, harassment, and recklessness against drivers.

Amid claims of fraud and theft from drivers working under taxi hailing companies in Kenya, this will not only assist authorities in curbing criminal offenses but will also assist the company in tracking down these drivers who have gone unpunished before.

In a notice by the US-based company, the new requirement was supposed to be adhered to by March 1 in what is a standard procedure to ensure quality services. The move is in line with NTSA’s plan to have motorists purchase the chip in a quest to track down traffic offenders; from stolen cars, expired insurance to the history of traffic offenses.

According to NTSA, authorities will only need to collect the chip’s details and send a notification to the driver with a  court appointment and monies fined.

Uber’s move to have drivers affixing the chips on vehicle windscreens might face resistance from drivers before the requirement is made mandatory by the transport authority. However, this will go a long way in restoring the rider’s trust if duly followed. The stickers will use radio-frequency technology to transmit information to the NTSA’s core system through hand-held readers or street cameras.

If the requirement is applied, this will mean that NTSA will be in possession of a majority of the taxi-hailing app drivers as the same individuals switch across these applications.


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