Finally, WhatsApp Users Can Block Annoying Group Invites

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iPhone users will be the first to enjoy consent on WhatsApp as the platform introduces a new feature. Individuals will now have an option of blocking people from adding them into WhatsApp groups without agreeing.

Just like WhatsApp’s profile picture, the user will block group invites on three levels; under privacy, WhatsApp users can set to everyone meaning that anyone can invite you into a group, my contacts setting will only allow those on your contact list to add you and If set to Nobody, no one will be in a position to add you without consent. In the case the group administration is blocked, the invite that appears in form of a chat will expire after 72hours.

The user will then have to wait for a new invitation or use the group invite link which is still valid even if your setting is Nobody.

“The feature is not available now for development reasons, and it will be enabled in future for both You will have to wait for a new invitation or you can use a group invite link. Note that you won’t be able to receive two invitations from the same group at the same time.” Read a whatsapp statement

The feature was originally meant for enterprise users, but it sure will benefit WhatsApp users who have been longing for the ability to block group admins. For it to make sense, Nobody is the best privacy option among the three. This allows you to give consent whether or not the person is on your contact list.


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