Betting on Hollywood Movies

The practice of betting is a huge part of American culture. It has been capturing the minds of people for a long time, and games like poker and blackjack have grown in popularity as a result.  Betting has become so popular that it has made its way into Hollywood.

Hollywood’s take on gambling has been nothing short of exceptional, as it provided viewers with top-class storytelling. Some of the highest rated movies in the last decade have been gambling-themed.

The team that keeps the site alive has produced an infographic which shows that movies like Casino Royale, Rain Man, and Atlantic City all had high ratings by critics and fans alike, with Atlantic City having a 100% Rotten Tomatoes score.

Of course, Las Vegas has played a huge part in the success of gambling on the silver screen. A lot of famous movies have been shot in Vegas, such as The Hangover, Ocean’s Eleven, and The Swingers. The infographic below shows that over 250 films have been shot in Vegas over the last 70 years.

One of the best aspects of gambling movies is the diversity they bring in terms of storytelling. The Hangover was a brilliant comedy focused on a group of friends, while Casino Royale gave us another action-packed take on the popular James Bond character. These are all genres of gambling movies, and this diversity is a huge part of what makes them so popular among fans.

These movies also affect the real-life image of gambling. A lot of opinions are formed thanks to the movies. Films like Shade and Lucky Numbers create the impression that gamblers are cheaters, while titles like Casino and The Godfather lead people to think that criminals run casinos. Mafia and Croupier gave off the sense that gamblers are suckers.

Gambling movies have been a unique genre in Hollywood. The genre has given fans some of the best and most applauded movies and characters of the last few decades.

Characters like Danny Ocean from Ocean’s Eleven, Margaret Ford from House of Games, and Billie from The Gambler have all had huge impacts on viewers.


Check out the infographic below for facts about gambling movies you probably didn’t know

Gambling movies

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