Terror Suspect Blames Safaricom Over Dusit Attack Transactions

Diamond Trust Bank manager, Sophia Njoki Mbogo has accused Safaricom of allowing the release of funds to a man said to have financed the Dusit attack that took place on Tuesday, January 15, 2019.

Ms Njoki who operates as a manager at the Eastleigh DTB bank has been accused by the police for allowing withdrawal of large sums of money within a very short time and for failing to report the transactions.

The cash that was received through M-Pesa was withdrawn by one Hassan Abdi Nur, a man who is reported to have registered 52 Mpesa agent accounts using different identities and SIMs, 47 of which he opened between October and December 2018. The agents were used as transaction points with amounts later withdrawn at the Eastleigh’s Diamond Trust Bank branch.

Ms Njoki has come out to deny charges of aiding and abetting terrorist activities saying she was working under Safaricom’s instructions. According to the mother of two, DTB being a Safaricom agent receives permission from the firm in a process that sees verification of M-Pesa agents registered after which authorization to release funds is given by the telecommunication company.

According to authorities, Nur, the said financier withdrew money from a specific till number at DTB after receiving Ksh9 Million from South Africa. He is said to have used the same till to withdraw amounts up to 400,000 multiple times in a day.

Sophia Njoki has urged the court to release her, claiming she did not facilitate the attack. “I’m not in a position to interfere with investigations or evidence sought by the prosecution.¬†I’m an innocent bystander in this criminal inquiry. I’m a¬†law abiding¬†citizen with no previous criminal conviction,” the affidavit states.


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