How To De-Activate Annoying Services By Safaricom

Telecommunication Company Safaricom offers a range of services to its customers, however some of them can be quite annoying and unnecessary. Mercifully, the company provides deactivation options most of which are unknown to the subscriber.

Caller notify service

“You attempted to call me but I was not available. Please call me. Thank you” After your phone has been off and someone tried calling, this is the first message they get once you turn on your phone. Usually, this prompts the person to call back or better still just get notified that the subscriber is back on the network.  Truth of the matter is, sometimes you just want to creep back into the network without notifying anyone, mostly not the unwanted calls. The caller notify service does not require the user to activate voicemail or any call diverts but is instead a default setting.

  • To deactivate, dial *100# go to products and services
  • Reply with 98 and once on the next page, reply with caller notify
  • Choose 2 to deactivate


The caller notify menu also provides a ‘manage blacklist’ option that allows the mobile user to key in specific numbers you wish to block on caller notify with an option of adding or removing numbers.

 I tried calling you

 Although this particular service can be helpful when your phone has been off and you need to keep tabs on your logs, sometimes it gets annoying and you might just need to deactivate it for a minute.

To deactivate Safaricom voicemail service;

  • Dial ##62#
  • The subscriber then gets a notification reading “call forwarding erasure was successful”
  • Proceed to press okay and there you are.

Promotional messages

Usually, companies, franchises obtain your caller ID in various ways one of them being Lipa Na Mpesa. Whether you pass by the food court or gas station, transactions that involve your number might just get you promotional messages that can be quite annoying. However, there is always a way out;

  • For post-pay customers, dial *200*5# and prepaid *100*5#
  • For the prepaid option, choose 5 for promotional messages
  • Choose option 1 for stop promotional messages
  • Enter the name of the promotional message you wish to stop
  • Press okay to complete the process


Under manage promotional messages, the user also has the option to check stopped promotional messages or activate the already stopped messages


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