The possibility of using the external memory card as internal memory

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From version 6.0 or Marshmallow, Android phones have the possibility of using the external memory card as internal memory. This feature provides a great advantage in those phones where the initial internal memory is scarce for the correct operation, especially when we exceed a certain number of installed applications. The installed applications can sometimes create the so called corrupted data and to solve this problem you need corrupted SD card recovery software.

It may be the solution to the known cases that many of us have experienced memory problems in Android. There comes a time when the phone prevents us from installing new applications, even it is impossible to update the ones you already have installed. It shows a warning notification and tells us that we must free memory.

Format the SD card as internal memory in Android 6

If you have an Android phone with version 6 and it has a memory card slot, it may be convenient to carry out the process that we will explain later to improve its operation. However, there are device models in which we will not find this option. It seems that some manufacturer, such as LG, has decided not to include this option. It is also possible that if our phone is high-end we do not find this possibility in the configuration menus.

The decision to cancel this function by some brands is due to the fact that the processes of exchanging information with external cards are always slower than those that occur with internal memory. Using the external SD card as an extension of the internal one can cause some applications to become slower and produce small interruptions that are not desirable, especially in terminals where the speed of operation is one of its main values.

How to configure the SD card as internal

To configure our card as internal memory we must go to ‘Settings> Storage and USB’

There we will see our external card identified in some way. We will click on it and on the screen that shows, we will see a menu of options, where we can “Format as internal”. The ways to access this option differ from one model to another, but they should be similar to these screens.

If we decide to go ahead, the system will warn us of the loss of all the data it may contain and that it will only work correctly on our device. If we want to reuse it at some point in another team, it will require a new format and therefore the loss of its content.

Format the SD card as internal memory in Android 6

After waiting a while, which may vary according to the size of the card, the process will conclude and will offer us the possibility of automating the transfer of information from the internal memory to the new “extension” of memory.

This transfer will download the internal memory of all the files and applications that allow to work on the external card, now associated as internal. It will also move photos, videos and other files that can work correctly from the external card. From that moment, for example, the phone’s camera will save the photos and videos in this memory.

Transfer applications manually

However, we can review later and when we think appropriate, if the applications are occupying the space of the card. Sometimes, some applications that we have moved back to the internal memory when they are updated. It is worth checking that, at least the heaviest ones remain on the external card. Let’s clarify that there are a good number of them that can not work on this card, so we will not see this possibility in the system.

To check if a certain application can be transferred and if you have already done so, you can go to ‘Settings> Applications’ and click on it. On the screen that appears, we must click on ‘Storage’. If it can work in both memories, it will show us the possibility of moving it wherever we want. The passage from one memory to another will only take a few seconds and an indicator will show us the evolution of the transfer until it is completed.

With this simple action we will solve many of the current memory problems presented by Android phones.


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