WhatsApp to roll out 3 new features


Popular messaging platform WhatsApp has been working on a new feature to make holidays a lot more peaceful. According to various sources, WhatsApp is working on three new features in an attempt to improve the user experience and engage better with consumers. The Facebook-owned platform is planning to add Vacation and Silent modes, as well as the option to link accounts. All three features are expected to be made available on Android, iOS and Windows Phone mobile platforms in the coming update.

Silent mode

This feature is already available on the Android OS. It basically allows users to hide the app badge for muted chats. According to the report, Silent Mode is automatically enabled by default, so there’s no option to manually enable it.

Vacation Mode

This feature is being tested in iOS, Android and Windows Phone apps, simply known as Vacation Mode. Generally, a chat will be automatically be unarchived by WhatsApp when you receive a message. The new Vacation mode, when turned on, allows users to stop archived chats from reappearing even if they are muted. This should be useful when you are not keen to respond to messages without leaving to leave the group entirely or block the person on the other side of a conversation.

Linked accounts

WhatsApp is also working on an option to link a user’s WhatsApp account to external services like Instagram. The feature will be located under your Profile Settings and seems to be suited for WhatsApp Business, but there are some references that it might eventually come to the regular app as well. It is similar to Facebook’s login feature in other sites such as Pinterest and Disqus.

“The feature appears mainly developed for WhatsApp Business, but some references are also found the normal app too. It’s not available yet for both apps”, says a report released by the company.


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