The New CasinoFair App: A Review

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  • Posted: November 12, 2018 at 1:19 pm

The suburbanized blockchain casino platform provider, FunFair Technologies has now launched the FunPass and has also the CasinoFair. According to Jez San, the founder of FunFair, CasinoFair is now available to the global audience and is the first fair online casino in such an industry.  It’s not the only one though. There are other popular apps like the Betway Kenya mobile app that allows you to bet on your favorite sports games.

On the “Blockchain Roadblock” panel at the CasinoBeats Summit, San stated that in spite of the development, they continue to primarily remain a B2B company.

About CasinoFair

CasinoFair is the first live use of the Casino platform which directly deals with consumer operations and is an aid to the makers in terms of marketing requirements for future potential partners and also helps with creating a platform based on player response.

The feature of the FairChecker, according to San, is a “productised extension” of the fair technology. With the help of this, the players at CasinoFair and the potential future partner casinos can go through a user – friendly means of checking what they are able to see is exactly as it is suppose to be.

The In – game icon on the screen enables the players to access the history of the game events from the particular session. There they can see what they have won, lost and staked on every round of betting and whether it has been verified by smart contracts so that both the players of the house cannot cheat.

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After the session in the game is over, the schedule can be saved in the players’ account page on the site. By saving the schedule to the blockchain, the players can get back to their data and make sure that the RNGs and the results were accurate and proved fair.

The operators need to be trusted that the gaming events are fair as there is no way for them to check on the site and the events are processed on a private server which is hidden from the players’ view. But with FairChecker this unclear doubt is removed and the players can play peacefully.

It was decided that CasinoFair would be started in a few select territories where there is inclination towards gambling and a necessarily significant blockchain statistics like Finland, Norway, Canada and Switzerland. Gradually it will open up for new administrations as the creators learn more about the player response through the go – live process which will ultimately make the platform a fair gambling experience.

With FunPass, players need to sign up just once to access to the FunFair powered Casino instead of going through long and tedious registration processes. The identity platform Yota requires an address proof of the player which is linked to the private servers making the information confidential along with a few other basic legal information.

The FunPass road – map will help in dealing with schemes of deposit and loss limits.

FunFair and CasinoFair is a first generation gambling platform that looks forward to a successful analysis of player behaviour and making a report of the bonus facilities of it. It targets both individual and wide territories, expanding the games library and to work with different partners for it’s smooth functioning and global reach.

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