7 gaming chairs you can buy on a budget in 2018

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Gaming chairs are designed as office chairs, but specifically to be used by a gamer in a racing car. Due to the long gaming hours, the comfort of the player is the key factor when designing these chairs. Besides, one’s health should be considered. Staying in a chair for more than ten hours could be harmful to one’s bones and general health. Being a sedentary activity, gaming chairs require comfort and some enjoyment. A gaming chair with headrest is essential to all gamers.

In today’s economy, saving money is essential to all. Most people live in a well-calculated budget hence buying a pocket-friendly item is critical. Gaming chairs are expensive, but one can opt for the cheaper ones. Some of the top 7 pocket-friendly gaming chairs whose value is less than $100 are:

  1. HomCom’s Executive Gaming Chair.

This is a chair whose design mimics some of the most expensive chairs. If not careful, one may mistake it for high-end chairs such as DXRacer Formula. HomCom’s is however cheap, and it gives one the racing style design. However, this chair is not as comfortable since it is constructed with more inexpensive materials.

The chair can hold up to 265 pounds. Though its armrest and height are adjustable, the chair can also recline to about 180 degrees backward. This means that if not careful, one may make one serious move backward and lose control of everything. It is however not recommended, but one may purchase it, as they wait to get a better budget and upgrade.

  1. Merax High-Back Ergonomic chair

This chair is found in a variety of 4 color schemes; black-red, black-blue, black-white and black-orange. It is important to note that this is just a standard chair but color emphasized on it for attraction. In racing, there are instant turns that one takes. With a lousy chair, one could lose visibility of their surroundings or more so twist their bodies at a wrong angle. With the Merax seat, one can have a 360 degree turn at any time. Moreover, one can adjust the height instantly hence avoiding small control mistakes. Compared to the HomCom’s chair, it does not carry extra weight (225 pounds). However, this is not a comfortable chair, but in instances of money shortage, it’ll not hurt going for this model.

  1. Homall Executive Swivel Leather.
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As the name suggests, the chair is made of leather. Some chairs are not designed to carry heavy weight and may cause straining on springs. For this particular chair, it is designed to carry up to 300 pounds. This is recommended especially to big bodied gamers. Besides, it has a body-hugging high back hence it ensures the body is well secured in the right position even in events on sudden twists and turns. They are, however, not comfortable.

  1. Essentials by OFM ESS-3085

This model comes in a variety of 4 colors. The main features in this chair are the height adjustments, the weight capacity of up to about 250 pounds. When buying items, we often check on the warranty. Having a guarantee that repair and other services will be done on the bought item gives one the confidence to purchase it.

For this model of a chair, a lifetime warranty is offered. That means one does not have to worry about extra charges on the chair for repairs in the future. This being one of the cheapest chairs on sale, it means its features are low quality too. However, most of the chair models below $100 have their defects. It, therefore, hurts less saving as much money to purchase the chair which will ultimately serve the same agenda although without the comfort.

  1. AmazonBasics Mid-Back Chair.

This model comes in three different colors. It is a well-padded chair hence reduces back pains and stings. This chair can hold up to 225 pounds. It has a one-year limited warranty thus one may incur extra charges in case of damage within or after the lapse of time. Comfort is not guaranteed to a gamer.

  1. Giantex High Back Gaming Chair.
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As the name suggests, the chair is designed to offer comfort to the back, neck or arms specifically. The chair has a comfortable armrest, and its height is adjustable, hence accommodates all gamers.  Its upholstery is made of soft sponge. This gives comfort to the gamers but only for a short time since the sponge starts wearing off.

  1. Flash Furniture Mid-Back.

This particular chair is made of ventilated mesh back that ensures moisture does not accumulate in the seat at any event. In a game or racing cars, gamers sweat a lot. In the case of poor ventilation in the chair, sweat may accumulate making the chair soggy. This is uncomfortable to a player and may affect their racing in different ways. Other features include the lumbar support and a weight capacity of up to 250 pounds.

The chairs listed above cannot be termed as ideal at all. However, one does not have to break a bank to get an expensive model necessarily. The above options can serve one as they await an upgrade once they get the money.

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