Climbing up the ladder of mKey reward system

mKey reward system

Which App do you use most? I bet it’s WhatsApp. If not, then Facebook. LinkedIn? I don’t think so. Your favorite App, if not WhatsApp or Facebook, could either be IG, Twitter, or that game you like spending your time on. So allow me to use games to explain to you something about mKey reward system.

I believe you already know about mKey App, a financial, social, and lifestyle app aimed at taking WeChat headon, but with Kenyans in the heart and mind of it all. To lure Kenyans into the App, mKey not only offers the flexibility of its keyboard as an interface for financial services, but also takes users through a journey where every step of the way the user gets eligible to unique but alluring loyalty points – points that can be redeemed in form of airtime, data bundles, and other goodies that will come your way pretty soon. Not only that, but every time you reach a new level, Finnserve Africa, the Equity Group subsidiary responsible for the App (you know them as the guys behind Equitel), will give you  a surprise reward. This journey is what I call the mKey reward system

Think of of the mKey reward system as that journey you take to reach a particular level when playing your favorite game. Typically in every game, there are different levels reached depending on how good you are at the game. At start, everyone who gets into a new game is ranked at the bottom. This bottom ranking can be named as Beginner, Armature, Level 1 or any other similar ranking modality. For some games each level has sub-stages – but the reasoning remain the same.

These ranking/level concept is what the mKey reward system has employed, and the difference between it and what we experience from most games is that it is not just a mental construct, but a real ranking system that has implications on the amount of loans one can borrow, real life surprise gifts that one can use to solve real life problems, or even be eligible for higher loyalty points along the way. 

The way an mKey user rises up the ladder, which is a journey that starts from level zero (written Start Here) at the journey’s map, is to earn stars. Five stars for example will get you to level 1, 15 stars to level 2, 30 stars to level 3, 60 stars to level 4, 100 stars to level 5, and 190 stars to the top most level, level 6. To earn a star, all you have to do is to use the mKey for lifestyle, social, and financial services.

The above screen scroll video demonstrates the different levels a journey through the mkey App has. What’s significant about the journey is that the higher the level you are at, the more credit worthy you are considered. These high levels can also give you privileged access to real life events where mKey is a partner, as those who have reached the top most levels will definitely be considered VIP. 

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