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mKey App

For the video review of the mKey App, check the YouTube video below.

Earlier last week we introduced you to the mKey App and Keyboard, and told you how through the keyboard one can secure a loan. It gets more interesting than that. In addition to getting loans, the mKey App also allows people to save, pay bills, access articles, and do a number of other financial and online services, all through a simple but effective keyboard. We have since taken more time with the App and Keyboard and are now ready to write a comprehensive review of the mKey App. To follow the review, you need to first download it straight from Google Play Store by following this link.

After downloading the mKey App, the first thing you will be required to do is to sign up for the App, something that you can do either through Google or Facebook. I haven’t seen any other sign up options, especially an option that can be used by someone who doesn’t have either of the two social media accounts. I must however recognise that the App I downloaded is that for Android via Google Play Store, and there is no way one can access Google Play Store except through Gmail account. Once you have signed up, the App will require you to register a mobile number and thereafter to activate the mKey keyboard. The keyboard activation can be skipped as the App can still be accessed from the App drawer, but for those who want to enjoy using mKey App as they use other Apps should opt for the mKey keyboard.

Once through with the registration process, the App takes you straight to the first Interface from where you can access services like Airtime Purchase, Send Money to Mobile, Get Loan, Buy Goods, Pay Bills, Shop, access News, play around with emojis that has aptly been called Yetumoji (basically emojis made with Kenyans in mind), go to keyboard themes, YouTube, Events, Gossip, Business, Fashion and lastly sports.

mKey App

The services mentioned above can easily be accessed, but those related to financial services can only be accessed after you have registered yourself through your mobile and National ID. These are services that can be accessed only after you have activated the second interface – an interface that you can go to by swiping from right to left or by clicking on the green balloon at the right of the first interface. This registration will require you to enter your correct registered mobile number, the ID or Passport number, and your name as it appears on the ID. After completing the registration process, the App will verify your number by sending a verification code to the number, then ask you to choose a unique six digits PIN that you will always have to use while trying to access the second interface, every single time you try to do so. Think of the second interface as the App’s banking interface.

mKey App

At the second interface, the App allows you to deposit money into the mKey wallet. Deposits are accepted from Equitel, Eazzy Banking, MPESA, and Equity Agents. Once you have deposited cash, you can use the cash to pay your bills, buy airtime for any number including Faiba line that’s the latest mobile service provider in the country, shop, and even withdraw the cash. Withdrawals are done only at Equity Agents. One thing I need to find out is the cost of withdrawing from the agent, vis a vis if you were to withdraw via Equitel or Eazzy Banking.

The reviews above have been done based on accessing the App from the App Drawer. As you already know, mKey App is an App that comes with its own Keyboard – the mKey Keyboard. This is generally your standard keyboard but with two value additions: 1. The inclusion of Yetumoji – a collection of emojis specifically designed for Kenyan youth, complete with Kenyan slung and 2. Ability to use mKey App no matter which chat App you are currently on. Before you can access these keyboard features, you need to first of all enable the mKey Keyboard.

mKey App


mKey App

mKey Keyboard is normally enabled during the installation of mKey App. However, one may have skipped this process, and so he/she will need to go to Settings, Language and Input, Manage Keyboards, and enable the mKey Keyboard from there. Once enabled, you can always toggle back and forth between your usual Keyboard and the mKey Keyboard by using the Globe icon at your keyboard. When on mKey Keyboard, and chatting on an App like WhatsApp, then your slayqueen asks for that fare in order to come visit you, you don’t have to leave WhatsApp in order to send her the fare. What you’ll do is to press on the mKey App short cut right from the mKey Keyboard, then go to Send Money option, send the cash, and once back you’ll continue with the chat right as if you never left WhatsApp in the first place. Checkout the video above for illustrations.

It is obvious the mKey App allows you to do a number of fun and financial stuff – and the best part is that the more you use the App to do those things, the more loyalty points you earn. These loyalty points are redeemable in form of free airtime, free data bundles, and free other goodies that Finserve has promised add to the options in the near future.

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