Safaricom On SIM Swap And Expensive Data Solutions

SIM swap being the latest method fraudsters have devised to extort money from Kenyans, hundreds of cases were reported in the month of July and August when Kenyans took to online platforms to call out telecommunication company Safaricom for not saving the situation even after receiving complaints from subscribers.

Following an outcry by Kenyans over SIM swap fraud, Safaricom is now furthering recognition features besides voice biometrics. The mobile company will now be exploring the use of finger and facial recognition.

Also, the telco has said that mobile money transactions will be suspended for a period of time following a SIM swap to prevent fraudsters from accessing customer funds held in M-pesa accounts. The security measures will also be reinforced by a close working relationship with the DCI and the police.

New Data Packages

In the Year Ended 31st March 2018, there was a 29% drop in the effective price of data coupled with scaled up access with a Fibre Optic Footprint of 4,700 km countrywide accessing more than 141,000 households.

“We have received numerous complaints from our customers that their data is being depleted too fast giving them a bad experience. My commitment to our customers going forward is that we will deliver a more transparent and user-friendly data experience,” said Bob Collymore CEO, Safaricom.

To address the data issue, Safaricom will unveil ways of enabling customers to manage their data usage by choosing their preferred internet speeds while browsing.

The measures will also include notifying customers of any abnormal spikes in data usage, which often occur during auto updates of apps and software, streaming and archiving of multimedia content. In cases where this fails and a customer’s data is depleted unexpectedly, Safaricom will reimburse customers’ data bundle.


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