Authentic Designer Handbags vs Fakes: How To Know The Difference

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When you purchase a higher priced branded and luxury product, you are expecting high quality and life-time guarantee. Handbags have always been a part of a trend and status symbol. As a woman, you might like to have a splendid collection of various kinds of bags. You choose to go for Chanel, Louis Vuitton or Hermes because the production of these brands stands behind their products.

Have you ever wondered what if you would get some counterfeit product instead of original one? Chances are high even if you shop from a known or trustworthy store or website until and unless it is the official website or the brand store itself. A luxurious bag is a lifetime investment. So, when you are spending on a knockoff product, you are not investing at all or on nothing.

Well, to make sure, you would need to ensure that the bag you are buying is an authentic product and not a fake one. How to recognize whether or not the purchased product is real? (With an example of Louis Vuitton bag). Here are some tips you can follow to know the authenticity:

1. Material

It is a false belief that all the designer bags are made of leather. Louis Vuitton is not; it is a coated canvas with the trim of leather. Now, if the trim is made of leather, it is supposed to be dry and firm; and not sticky, oily or slippery. The hardware should be heavy and strong. It should not be empty inside or hollow. If it has to imprinted with designer’s name, so it has to be.

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2. Lining

Forgers hardly have a pleasant view of the inside. They work according to its outer look, colors, and shapes. So, if you have ever seen an original product, you would instantly define the right color. The bag must have an exact same shade of the hue; neither the near nor the approximation. Moreover, the finishing and stitches of the bag should be perfectly fine-lined inside and outside. The bag should look as perfect inside as it seems outside.

3. Pockets

Again, as it is mentioned earlier, counterfeiters work from the photographs. Thus, the external look of the product gets many changes in its characteristics, finishing, and pockets. There could be a pocket missing, or there would be no name engraved on the clip or belt or on any other metal body part of the bag. Thus, you can determine instantly whether the product is genuine or not.

4. Workmanship

It is easy to notice and determine. The workmanship should be even. The stitching must be even from everywhere on the product. There should be no loose threads, back and forth stitching, and missing stitches. If there is any, it is the sign of careless construction which would never happen in a branded designer bag.

Check the seams and imprinted logo of the product. The original piece would never have its logo divided somewhere into stitching or on seams. It would be perfectly shown with a finely woven piece. Also, the pattern and the color should be precisely matching.

5. Misspellings

Something that would never ever occur with the actual designer bag. Do you ever misspell your own name? No, right! Just like that, a brand would never misspell its own name. If it is misspelled or not in alignment, there is something wrong with the item you have got or are thinking to get. If the any of the letters is missed or the font is differently designed, the product is not you really want.

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Just make sure of these five points given here and you would never have to regret a purchased product. Whether you buy a Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Coach or Michael Kors bag, you would have the right bag.

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