Why you should VOTE for HOMELESS in the ongoing My Kenya My Story Competition

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  • Posted: May 30, 2018 at 9:11 am

Click Here to vote for Homeless in the ongoing My Kenya My Story smartphone competition organised by Kenya Film Commission. My Kenya My Story is a short film shot on smartphone competition organised by Kenya Film Commission “meant for Kenyans citizens enthusiastic about the movie industry”, explained Kenya Film Commission (KFC) in a notice extending the deadline for the submission to February 4th 2018. In the notice, the KFC went ahead to clarify that competitors were “required to submit a five-minute videos or less telling a Kenyan story” and that “Participants should be 18-35 years  of age, with those under the age of 18 allowed under the condition that they bring an approval form from their guardians”.

After the February deadline, the commission did not issue a word on whether the competition was still on, but by the end of March the commission issued another notice extending the deadline for the submission to April 30th. By mid May, KFC released the titles of the short Films that had been nominated, and included in the nomination list were two short films produced by Ustadi Films namely Invisible Witness and Homeless, both created and written by Wilson Osiolo and directed by me, Odipo Riaga.

Although Ustadi Films has two short films nominated to win the top award in the competition (Kshs 500,000), we have decided to ask voters to vote for Homeless. This is because we envision to produce a full feature film based on a screenplay initially titled Sealed Fate that was written by Elijah Matembo, and the short film Homeless. The script for the full feature film has already been written by Odipo Riaga, and it is awaiting financing for production. Ustadi Films therefore hopes for Homeless to bag the top price in the My Kenya My Story short film smartphone competition, so that it can direct the award money towards the production of the feature film that is partly based on the Homeless story.

Ustadi Films is a Film Production company based in Nakuru, and is known for other short films such as Worth It that premiered in Nakuru in September last year, The Test, a film produced for St. Paul University, Nakuru Campus, and was part of Kenya National Drama and Films Festival 2017 and bagged the awards for Best Costume, Best Props, and Best Anti Corruption Film, and Innocent Ruth, another film produced for St. Paul University, Nakuru Campus, and went ahead to bag the Best Short Film in the Kenya National Drama and Films Festival 2018. Other awards that Innocent Ruth took home included the Best Supporting Actor, Best Supporting Actress, Best Costume, Best Production Design, and Second Best Actress.

Your vote for Homeless will highly be appreciated as it will allow Ustadi Films to tell the whole Homeless Story. Remember to click this link and scroll down to Homeless to vote for the short film.

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