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Make money online

You’ve probably seen one of those ‘Make Ksh 10,000 a week’ or ‘Make money online’ adverts by companies such as MMM, iCharity and others who promise Financial heaven for just a little amount of work on the internet. A majority have even been caught in the web of referral earnings and click draws such as Public likes. From experience and personal stories from friends, these always end up with a many of users on the receiving end of a scam.

Truth be told. You can make money online. A majority of young Kenyans are already doing it. Personally, I make money online. But it requires shrewd smarts and the ability to distinguish between real opportunities and scams. You also have to learn when to pull out of an ‘opportunity’ before you get scammed or waste hours and hours of your time. Puting in the work is a must as nothing is free on this planet(Except maybe for the 21% oxygen in the air) On my personal internet journey, these are some of the effective ways I have found to make money.



Online surveys are very popular among students. This is partly due to their simplicity and the ability to combine them with other activities. Got a couple of hours to kill? Do not just sit there binge-watching a whole TV show while earning nothing. Although the surveys pay amounts as low as Ksh 10, what have you go to lose?

Some of the most popular survey sites include Swagbucks,  Survey Voices, i-Say, Vindale, and MySurvey. Register for an account, fill out surveys and start earning

Start a blog

You’ve most likely heard that bloggers make money. Others have even gone the extra mile and created one often writing for a month or two and letting it go for lack of motivation. I just made a little over 30k last month as a freelance blogger for several sites. The secret to success in blogging is utmost consistency. When starting your blog,  do not concentrate on how much you can earn based on the 10 views your last post got. Instead focus on the work and you’ll be amazed by the long-term results blogging can accomplish.


Write a book

Ebooks essentially ushered a new way to write and distribute ideas and content. You can even write a 10 page eBook on a particular topic, provide good formatting and start selling. The best part about writing eBooks is the fact that sales continue to come in even long after the book is published. eBooks are also flexible in that you can make edits and revise the book to keep up with upcoming trends and new ideas. Before embarking on writing anything, make sure it’s interesting as I haven’t yet met a single person who loves boring books. eBooks can be published in .pdf format and locked with a unique password only available for the specific copy. You can also publish a book on Amazon in just 20 minutes and sell it for as low as $2(Ksh 200)



Everyone is good at one thing or another. Why not impact that knowledge and experience into others and get paid while at it?  Seriously. If you are good at Math, talk to a few parents, create posters such as “Need help with math?”, charge a reasonable fee, prove your credentials and start making money. At a modest 100 bob an hour, you just need to tutor for 20 hours every week to make 2k. I taught physics and Math as a side hustle for a year after completing campus and it works. Do a good job and referrals will keep coming your way, bringing in more students. Private tutors are also currently in demand due to the recent ban on holiday tuition.

You can also register as a tutor on websites such as and and offer your online tutoring services to a wider clientele. With the right qualifications, online tutor sites pay an upwards of $10/hour


Work on Craigslist

My first gig immediately after high school was that of an assistant artisan which I got from Craigslist. Monitor the ‘jobs’ and ‘Gigs’ sections religiously, apply for tasks you can accomplish and get hired. On a good day, you can make 3k for a few hours of work. Rake in a couple of good reviews and you’ll see your hire rate dramatically increase. Do a good job and increase your legibility for repeat tasks. Other sites that offer jobs in Kenya include Fivesok and Fiver.

In conclusion, you can make even much more than 30k working on what we commonly refer to as side hustles. However, you have to put in the work, put yourself out there and have patience. In addition, avoid sinking into the abyss of referral earnings as most often no one gets paid(saying this from experience).

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