The Online Gaming Industry: Latest Trends in Online Slots

The Five Trends in Online Slots and What You Should Pay Attention To:

1) Virtual Reality is everywhere. Why not in online gaming and slots. There are two platforms called “Oculus and Valve Corporation Steam.” They are a digital platform currently owned by Facebook. They use a VR technology that allows multiple players to play at one time and affect what each one does.

Microgaming invested in the technology in 2016. That investment birthed the VR Roulette demo in ICE Totally Gaming.

2) The second trend in online gaming comes in the form of Live Gaming. Now, this one has been around for a while, but it is still very popular with players. Almost every online casino has this trend. Players can see the live dealer and interact with them in real time.

An Example

Dream Catcher Live is a very popular game. It came out a little while ago and is already available online for players. You can check it out at almost any online casino site. This trend is already seeing results with the 2018 ICE Totally Gaming Expo. Competitors are looking to gain the edge and find new ways to keep customers coming back. Live Gaming brings in big bucks for casinos.

3) The third trend is something called Skills-Based Casino. Some online slot games require a luck of the draw. Some players want a stress-free playing experience. This skills-based component allows players to take what they know to the next level. There is something new called Probability Gaming. This type of gaming gives players more of a challenge. Some players like to be tempted. They want to play a game that makes them think, unlike other games where they just coast.

4) The Fourth one on the list is called More Gamification. The game gives players a chance to become completely emersed in the game itself, unlike other games where the player merely gets their feet wet. Players will feel as though they are inside the game, in real time.

Some examples of these types of games include the “Polls” on Twitter and the “baseball game” on Facebook messenger. More Gamification will give the player more substantial goals to work towards.

5) The final one on the list is called More Content Push. There is a growing trend to develop games based on popular content, including tv, movies, and games. The Game of Thrones slot machine is a good example of the content trend push. Studies show that players want more. Microgaming and other distributors are creating more slot games based on the current trends.

“We need to keep our current fans interested, as well as entice new ones to try us out. Otherwise, we lose them to the competition, and we do not want that.”

Microgaming and

No trend list is complete without the mention of Playtika. You can pick from a variety of online slots. Each online game is accessible by Android or the iPhone.

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