Tech conflict: Drones continue to be life and environment threatening

Space was strictly manned and surveilled professionally, until the existence of drones and other unmanned air crafts. Today, what we are facing is a drone conflict, just a part of a bigger robotics revolution slowly taking shape in this century. Drones have mostly been reported to cause human, wildlife and aircraft accidents.

A drone owner is being charged for starting fire in Arizona’s Coconino national forest. It is reported that the drone crashed and ignited dry grasses destroying 300 acres of grassland. Fire fighters successfully put out the fire but the man could possibly face a fine, community service or a jail sentence.

According to authorities, this is not the first time Arizona forest is falling victim of artificial fires; Last year, a homeless man said to have been cooking set light to more than 282 acres of the forest after which he faced 12-month jail term.

Drones in the area have been said to come in the way of Aerial fire fighting as they help tackle seasonal fires often experienced in the region. The drones manned by unknown individuals are said to rush in taking pictures of wild fires for commercial purposes prompting a standoff for fear of collision.

Tech Conflict

In July 2014, a drone almost collided with an Airbus A320 as it was taking off from London’s Heathrow airport at 700 feet. The incident was termed “serious risk of collision” by Civil Aviation Authority (CAA).

In a Cambridge, Massachusetts park, a drone was attacked by a hawk in a skirmish that went viral caught live on camera. This also means drones are obviously a threat to wildlife. Due to poor control, drones have been part of parades unwanted.

Once in 2015, a drone crash landed on the White house lawn causing a lockdown. Not once have the drones injured bystanders in crowds and this one time a drone cut off the tip of photographer’s nose during a promotion after ramming into a crowd.

Drones at war

Above all incidents, drones are proving to be the most efficient during wars and armed drones are currently turning out to be nations’ resolve in facing the enemy.

Drone strikes against terrorism suspects have become such a hallmark of US policy, it’s easy to forget the technology is only a couple of decades old. The Trump administration has been in the frontline campaigning for this, also taking initiative to launch drone wars in African countries facing terrorist threat.




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