Samsung TV to blend with your walls’ interior decor

Samsung has launched its 2018 line up of QLED TVs with a standout feature “ambient mode” which mimics the colors and patterns of the walls around it. The intent is to match the users’ interior décor for mounted TVs to avoid it being an eyesore on the wall.

Consumers will use SmartThings app to set up the feature; One is expected to take a picture of the mounted TV from which the App will use a color and brightness matching process to display the same color or pattern as the TV’s surroundings. Users can however upload their own photos instead or use pre-set décor images.  The ambient mode can also play music or show the time, weather and news headlines.

As Samsung strives to enhance continuity on the decor, it has also reduced cord clutter around your socket by using one cable which transmits both data and power.

The introduction of Bixby – Samsung’s virtual assistant – brings closer in line with some of the better video streaming players out there; Apple TV 4K and Amazon Fire TV, each of which have their own smart assistants on hand to help you track down content and answer any questions you have.

As technology continues to evolve over days, Samsung is putting in effort to have the TV be the centre of the household by interacting with home appliances, checking on meals and also checking what is in your refrigerator.

Before the ‘ambient mode’ series, Samsung rolled out a 146 inch TV called the wall in January, a modular allowing users to customize the size and shape of the screen by adding or removing sections. Many companies have also turned to these types of innovation in an era where dynamism could possible face out some home appliances.

Samsung’s 2018 line up offers a wide range of specs, from its top-end Q9FN to the affordable Q6FN. But while there are a lot of options in this year’s catalog, for readers weighing cutting-edge tech against limited budgets, the most tempting TV of the bunch is Samsung’s Q6FN.


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