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Sports betting has been a big hit in Kenya and despite the recent tax issue that shaken the industry, people are still having fun with sports betting. One of the company that recently launched its services in Kenya is Betway. Through their online site, they cover wide range of sports such as T20 cricket, football (soccer as it referred to in US, while the rest of the world called it football), hockey, horse racing and others.

Betway has been known to offer exceptional sports betting entertainment the world over, and and you expect the same in Kenya. How do you make it big when it comes to winning in Betway online sports betting entertainment Kenya? Here are a few tips.


The Top Tips for Making the Right Sports Betting Predictions

We will take a look at a team game like football and tell you just how you can make the right decisions.

Football is a worldwide renowned sport which is getting quite popular in many countries today. It is a fast paced game with that rotates around one spherical football that is passed around to your teammates, thus making it a pure team sport.

Knowing the fundamentals of football/soccer booking is crucial before you start placing bets. And the best person to consult before doing so would be a football agent. These football agents are experts in the field of placing the right bets on the football game. Most often than not you must consider the following before placing bets on a football game, as football agent will advise you to do:

  • Observe the team formation- Taking a look at the team’s current form, a football agent can learn to make a formation.
  • Keep up to date with team news- Since there is a possibility that you will be betting on individual team players, it is always important to keep a track on any injuries or falls that the players may have suffered recently. Check if any important team players are missing and also who may be substituted in place of them. A football agent is well aware of all this.
  • Check for home and away records- Keeping track of scores of that particular team on their home ground and when they go for away matches. It’s just sometimes that some teams are more comfortable playing on their home ground while some play beautifully well on the away ground. Keeping aware of these statistics are also part of a soccer agent’s job. This also makes it easier while setting up the bet.
  • Scheduling- tracking the team’s schedule is also something to keep in mind. How many matches have they played off late? How many more in the following week or month? One may get a hint as to if they could be tired or if they will be fresh for the upcoming matches.
  •  Lastly, responsible gambling is what everyone should indulge in. Know your limits and don’t cross the line because at the end of the day it is you who will be responsible for your own actions.

Betting on football/soccer can be a fun activity really. Just make sure you find the right system and stay focused on what sort of betting you want to do, and for which games and leagues.

With Betway, you can place your bets on your favorite football match in just a few seconds and win big!


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