One Source Live A Festival of ‘Creative Revolutionaries’

People all over the world can’t stop talking about One Source Live A Festival of ‘Creative Revolutionaries’, and they’re already looking forward to it. Finding other festivals that specifically celebrate African performers is often difficult. The fact that this is the case for the One Source LIVE festival should make all the difference in the world for the people involved and the people who want to be involved.

There’s a lot of great African art being produced these days. People have every reason to want to see it all for themselves. Many people never even hear about it, however, since it is often not promoted as heavily as the art from many other countries all around the world. Plenty of people these days are genuinely fascinated about art from other cultures. Far too many people from Africa are more interested in art from other cultures than art from their own African cultures. The One Source LIVE performances should be able to change all of that.
Laolu Senbanjo

African Art: The Sacred Art Of The Ori 5

This is a festival that is certainly going to give some much needed press to the people who have been trying to promote African musicians for years, as well as the African musicians themselves. However, it is also important to note that this is just the sort of festival that could prove to be inspiring to a lot of people.

Some young talents might be thrilled to see people from their very own cultures perform like this. They’re so used to seeing these kinds of performances from people of other cultures only that this is the sort of thing that can be frustrating for a lot of people. Some potential African musicians and artists might be worried that they will never be able to succeed and that they should just give up, but seeing an event like this might be able to help them change their minds.

Chris Saunders

African Art: Street Style

The African musicians who will perform at these events will certainly get a lot of new fans there. They will also certainly inspire new artists. Of course, successful artists are almost always inspirational to people all over the world. People don’t have to be African in order to find One Source LIVE inspiring, although One Source LIVE should certainly be inspiring for many Africans.

Too many people treat African music and art like it’s a thing of the past, or just something that exists to be used by other artists for their own projects. Obviously, it is important to celebrate African classical art as well as African contemporary art. Still, contemporary artists deserve to be famous and they should have a chance with the international community. Events like One Source LIVE will be able to make that happen for a lot of artists all at once and all in one location.

Chris Saunders

African Art: Dj Invizable

Many people will find that their minds will change about a lot of things after the One Source LIVE event. This was indeed partly the goal of the event in the first place, and it should certainly succeed on 24 March 2018.

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