Email Disclaimers: Pros and Cons

Email is a perfect platform for advertising and therefore, almost all the companies are using it in their marketing campaigns. However, sometimes an email requires a notice or a warning at the end of the email just to avoid any kind of copyright issues.

That’s because many companies can sell similar products and therefore, to avoid stealing content from an email, email disclaimers are really necessary.

Some other reasons for adding email disclaimers can be defamation, harassment or discrimination. This article will provide you with some pros and cons of the email disclaimer.

Pros of Email Disclaimer

Yes, email disclaimer is one of the most important things to be put at the end of email but very few people notice the importance of email disclaimers.

This is crucial point to be kept in mind in case of email marketing because marketing also includes competition and there may be some illegal reproduction of content. Some of the advantages of putting an email disclaimer are:

  • Protection

An email disclaimer protects your content from being reproduced without your permission. That’s where you have the right to ask them to take it down.

Organizations or companies may use this disclaimer as a way to warn the recipients about using their content illegally and ask them to delete such content.

  • Confidentiality

The email disclaimer helps your email and its content to remain within you and your recipient. Such disclaimer warns the recipients from forwarding to any other person.

In case any such thing is done, such disclaimer gives you the right to ask the third party to delete this email.

  • Viruses

Many emails especially, the ones which are meant for promotion may contain viruses and be meant to be spreading viruses.

Therefore, it is advisable to add a disclaimer to prevent clients from suing you for spreading viruses.

You can write in the disclaimer that the user should conduct antivirus scan before downloading any attachments or before pressing any CTA button on the email to be safe.

  • Email Signature

Along with the email disclaimers/confidentiality statements you can also add an email signature and provide the company name and other required details with copyrights to you.

Your email signature can be used as a copyright disclaimer with all of the content owner’s rights.

Moreover, email signature creator is an easy tool which can create amazing blocks by using ready-made templates and designs. Also, the email signature can include banners below with CTA button/link and a colourful image of your logo.

Cons of Email Disclaimer

Email disclaimer laws are important across the world. However, it has not yet been proved whether such disclaimer can be used to sue any person legally. Some of the other disadvantages are:

  • Clients are apprehensive

When a strong disclaimer is put at the end of the email with the use of legal terms recipients are apprehensive to do anything related to the email.

They won’t even click the CTA button or visit the promo page. Therefore, it is recommended to use soft wording with less legal terms and remember to keep it short.

  • Unnoticed

Sometimes the disclaimers are so short that they go completely unnoticed. Also the colourful signature and banner seems to overcome the disclaimer by sucking all the attraction to itself.

In conclusion, it can be said that the disclaimer is an important part of your email but disputed matter as far as marketing emails are considered. If something important and confidential is being used in the email, then an email disclaimer should definitely be included. In all other cases, it depends on the email content, company and type of your target audience.


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