Why you need to dump your microwave for LG Neochef Microwave

LG NeoChef Microwave

Just like humans alive today wonder how people used to keep in touch before the dawn of cell phones, there are those who wonder how humans used to cook before microwaves were invented. Then there is a new wonder in town – how someone can call anything not LG Neochef Microwave a microwave.

Typically, microwaves are enclosed cages with magnetrons and turntables for hitting and rotating food respectively. These typical microwaves emit one level of energy, and so to moderate cooking, the magnetron is turned on and off at specific intervals. This way the microwaves have not been able to ensure balanced, neat, and uniform cooking of various food materials ranging from meats to cereals to vegetables to beverages.

The LG NeoChef Microwave, which LG says is a product that had never been imagined before, has now allowed everyone to “do everything from cooking fresh vegetables to defrosting meat and bread”.  The versatility of LG Neochef Microwave has been possible through four sets of new technologies dubbed Smart Inverter, EasyClean, Hexagonal Ring and LED Lighting.

Smart Inverter is the heart of the new tech, which is being deemed as the tech that takes out the guesswork from cooking. With the smart Inverter technology, LG Neochef Microwave is capable of being programmed to cook particular foods differently. For example, if a certain food requires 30 minutes to cook well, then the Smart Inverter will kick in to deliver power tiny quantities of power levels within the predetermined time frame until done. “Unlike ordinary microwaves that alternate blasts of full power or no power until the timer goes off, LG NeoChe Microwave uses precise, variable power control between 300 to 1,200 watts to evenly cook or defrost food – helping to eliminate dreaded cold centers and overcooked edges. Plus, its Humidity-sensing technology determines when food is cooked and automatically turns off the microwave to help prevent the over- or under-cooking of meals”, explains Cision PR Wire.

The Smart Inverter concludes by providing 10 power levels and seven cook options. The versatility allows chefs to cook variety of favorite meals, ranging from fresh vegetables to rice. The smart inverter also has five reheat options to tackle everything from beverages to pizza; and four defrost options to handle meat, poultry, fish and bread.

Added to the versatility of cooking is the hexagonal ring, which are basically six wheels for the turntable to rest upon. The six wheels prevent tall and heavy food containers from tipping over when the turntable is turning during cooking. Then there is the EasyClean technology where the LG NeoChef Microwave has been coated by antibacterial coating that resist stains and buildup of bacteria. The cleaning of LG NeoChef Microwave has therefore been made as easy as wiping it with a soft damp cloth.

Elsewhere, I have seen the LG NeoChef Microwave being referred to as smart microwave, but I think the guys giving the microwave that title are way over their heads. This is because, in the tech world, the term smart has been reserved to technologies that can not only communicate via the Internet, but also be able to download and install Apps that help those technologies perform variety of functions within their domain. For example, if LG NeoChef Microwave was able to work with Apps for cooking particular foods in some unique ways, then I could have agreed that it is a smart tech.


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