Faiba 4G, the kind of Internet offer that will change lives

Kenya is known to be one of the countries where technology has played a great role in changing people’s lives, but largely due to the MPESA phenomenon. Elsewhere, Internet is the tool that makes many rise from dust to grace. Of course in Kenya we have our own Julius Yego story and a few others, but we are yet to create Mark Zuckerbergs that drop out of college to become Internet billionaires. Jamii Telecoms, the owner of Faiba Internet, just launched a product that will change this with their new Faiba 4G Internet offers.

You are already aware of JTL’s Internet, the Faiba. Faiba is home and office Internet but not so popular as, despite being extremely fast and reliable, is damn expensive. Those of you who enjoy Internet at home must be on Zuku or Safaricom Fibre as Faiba is generally beyond the reach of the majority.

Beyond reach is also a typical experience for those of us on mobile data plans. Mobile data plans this far has not allowed us to freely access YouTube, Netflix, ShowMax, Viusasa, and many other video streaming and download services. This is because if you were to access these services on a daily basis, your data consumption would be upwards of 1GB per day. The other thing that has been out of reach for mobile data users is online classes.

But this is set to change with Faiba 4G. For example, assuming your desired daily data usage will be 1GB, you’d normally consume 30GB per month and if you are on Safaricom, the best rate for such a consumption would be Kshs 7,500. No one wants to spend that much on data, that’s why you haven’t called JTL to install their Faiba internet at home.

With JTL’s Faiba 4G, the spending per month would either be Kshs 1000 which will give you 25GB (just 5GB short of the 30GB target), or double the amount to Kshs 2000 and get 40GB which will be 10GB above target. Personally I use an average of 300MBs per day when I do not watch videos and end up spending Kshs 2,500 on data, but since I would really like to watch at least two hours of videos daily, I think the Kshs 2000 offer is very much suitable for my browsing freedom.

The other alternative for a user like me is to pay the same Kshs 2,500 I am currently paying on Safaricom, and have access to a daily 2GB data. That would be double my desired usage rate at my current budget for data.

It is not just data that Faiba 4G is offering. Those who love to call will have free onnet calls whenever they have active data. Same to those who love to text (but why text when you can WhatsApp?)

The detailed data/call/text offers are shown in the table below.

Faiba 4GWith these rates, Kenyans will now have the freedom to access online entertainment and educational resources that will change them forever. Many people will now be in a position, at a very affordable rate, to acquire new skills that will propel them to new heights.

I would advise, don’t just subscribe to the fabulous offers just to play online videos and watch porn, but subscribe to them so that you can watch the millions of hours of YouTube DIY videos that will help your life in ways you can’t begin to imagine right now.


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