Your digital TV is incomplete, unless it is the 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV

40 inches StarTimes Digital TV

How many remotes do you have in your house? There must be one for your sound system, be it the hi-fi sound or the home theatre unit. Another for the LED screen you recently bought and yet another for a set top box if you are using one. If you are using a DTT or a DST decoder, you still have a minimum of three remotes. There are houses however that have more than 5 remotes, making entertainment in such households be a source of frustration. But why have all those remote control units if you can own the 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV?

To make it easier and cheaper for TV lovers to enjoy entertaining themselves, StarTimes recently ( that is since last November) introduced their lines of StarTimes Digital TVs, which come in three flavours (maybe four). There is the 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV, the 32 inch version, and the 40/42 inch version. In this article I tell you why you need to buy the 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV.

As already mentioned above, the 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV will get rid of your numerous remotes down to one or two. This is because the single unit TV already has a digital signal receiver that not only receives your normal free to air digital signals, but also receives either your StarTimes Terrestrial Signal or your StarTimes Satellite Signal.

If for example you buy a normal digital TV, then what you have managed to do is to get rid of a set top box, but you will still need to buy a decoder in order to enjoy pay TV bouquets. The StarTimes Digital TVs however enable you to watch both free to air stations and the pay TV stations without the need to buy a separate set top box and/or  a separate decoder.

The second reason why you should own a 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV is the savings you will get due to low power consumption. According to a promotional brochure StarTimes shared with us, the StarTimes Digital TVs enable households to save up to 60% in TV power consumption when compared to the now defunct CRT TVs.

I really don’t know how useful this is but the 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV, just like the other variants, is remotely upgradable. That is, StarTimes will be able to upgrade the TVs OS probably so that you can smoothly and effortless watch your favorite shows. The reason I don’t understand the importance of the upgrade is because the Digital TVs are not smart TVs that you can use to go online. If they were smart TVs running on an OS like Android, it would be easier to understand the upgrades.

Meanwhile, the 32 inches StarTimes Digital TV set comes with HD LED screen category, dolby audio system, wide voltage input, HDMI and USB ports.

As leading Pay-TV operator in Africa, the vision of StarTimes is to make digital-TV products and service affordable for every African family. StarTimes’ contents cover diverse categories to meet the great needs of African markets, which include News, Sports, Music, Entertainment, Documentaries, TV series, Movies, Religion, Fashion, Children’s programming and local channels. In pursuit of better quality and higher relevance to locals, StarTimes has adopted a user-friendly Content Strategy with more content diversity and relevance to the viewing needs of consumers.

StarTimes Digital TV can enable more and more households to have access to the digital TV network with DTT and DTH services. The convenient accessibility and affordability of StarTimes’ Digital TV and services promote the equality of people, especially the public in Africa, to have information and entertainment. StarTimes strives for Africans’ equal right of information and opportunity.

Add to those benefits the ability to watch StarTimes shows on full HD resolution.



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