Huawei woes African telcos with new video technology

Huawei has released its Envision 4K Video Solution in Africa aimed to assist telecoms carriers in developing and optimizing video as a fundamental service with an improved user experience.

Envision video solution is designed to enable consumers to enjoy personalized multi-screen hybrid video services anytime anywhere, its key feature is enabling the delivery of 4K and 8K ultra high definition videos, including 360-degree immersive video experiences.

As the telecoms industry in Africa strives to advance video services, Huawei has created Envision to create a convergent and innovative video service ecosystem that is cloud based, fixed mobile, 4K video solution which supports cross-domain service that will bring a unified experience.

During Huawei’s video forum at AfricaCom, the global ICT solutions provider urged industry counterparts to focus on the business potential of video services in Africa.

David Chen, Director of Marketing & Solution Sales for Huawei Southern Africa Region said, “As distribution of online video has increased and become central to the commercial strategies of a host of companies, the Telco industry needs to upgrade technology and infrastructure to support digital transformation. Huawei is bringing Telco ecosystem partners together to offer customers a compelling entertainment and data proposition in Africa.”

Several key African Telco and video industry stakeholders, including Safaricom, Telkom SA, attended the 2017 AfricaCom and Huawei Video Forum sharing experiences and ideas on how to create a profitable business model that will enable them to deliver video content via the best video platform for optimal end user experience.

Huawei’s Envision platform has already been deployed to 110 carriers across the world with about 130 million subscribers and is the number one ranked solution for delivery of Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).


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