Top 4 Predictions for Artificial Intelligence in 2017

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  • Posted: September 12, 2017 at 5:55 pm

Artificial Intelligence or AI has been a popular buzz-word in the tech industry for quite some time now. There are a variety of speculations as to where this powerful technology could be applied to practical uses in the near future.

The year 2017 itself is expected to contain many turning points for the AI technology. On that note, the following are its top 4 predictions for the year:

  1. China Jumping Ranks

2017 could be the year when China comes forward as one of the biggest countries in AI development. Several recent reports suggest that it’s tech industry has already shifted its focus on machine learning and artificial intelligence, both of which are being considered as the next big areas of innovation.

China, in fact, made headlines when its top search engine company Baidu set up an AI-focused lab and acquired deep insights into natural voice processing, voice recognition, and other emerging technologies. The “China’s Google” plans to invest even more money into the AI technology as other IT companies are following suit.

  1. Deep Learning

This year, Deep Learning (DL) could easily grow by leaps and bounds, thanks to the peaked interest in various IT companies around the world.

When there are big players like Google using DL in its Gmail auto-reply service along with beam searching, AlphaGo in its value and policy evaluations, etc. it’s only natural to assume that other IT companies will follow the trend.

  1. Language Learning

One of the main objectives behind AI development has always been to master of voice and image recognition. Now that we have made tremendous progress in the technology, it’s likely that we will see some major breakthroughs in Language Learning this year.

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It’s important to note that language learning may have its own risks, however. For instance, questions are being raised whether we can really count on AI, especially after the recent incident at Facebook when its AI developed its own language and had to be shut down.

  1. Healthcare

Many advancements have been observed in the healthcare domain with the help of AI in the past few years. This is evident by the fact that we had less than 20 healthcare-focused AI startups in 2012 and by 2016 alone they had increased to almost 70.

Today, companies are using AI to reduce drug discovery times, processing medical scans and documents, etc. to improve the quality of healthcare around the world. Flatrion, which is one of the leading companies in this segment is even planning to build a full-fledged ecosystem of digital technology that can make oncology much advanced and improved through organized data.

Elon Musk, who is well-known for his innovative ideas and “always-ahead” approach to technology has even go so far as to try creating a world where you can merge AI with human brains to ameliorate the symptoms a number of neurological and psychological disorders such as Parkinson’s.

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