LG styler offering eco-friendly substitute to the dry-cleaners

The broader societal concern about sustainability has grown from almost nothing in the early 1990s to a dominant theme today. Sustainability is now an essential ingredient for a company’s long-term success. We are witnessing a situation whereby companies are increasingly adopting environmental, social and community related policies that are not self-defeating or dangerous to the organization’s long-term well-being and reputation.

Sustainability can have a variety of meanings, depending on the business context. In terms of the environment, sustainability may mean ensuring that natural resources are replaced or conserved for the long term and that ecosystems are not harmed. Some sustainable policies on the environment front include carbon emissions reduction policies, green supply-chain policies and energy and water-efficiency strategies aimed at reducing environmental impact.

On the other hand, social policies can include diversity and equal-opportunity targets, work-life balance, health and safety improvement, and favouring internal promotion. Sustainable policies related to community may include corporate citizenship commitments, business ethics, and human-rights.

Now that environmental reputations of companies are playing a more significant role in determining consumer opinion and purchase, green competition is changing the way that companies approach corporate sustainability and environmentalism.

Companies have come to the realization that embracing eco-friendly business practices can be a big boost to their corporate reputation. One such company is LG Electronics. The company has designed innovative home appliance product line-up including the air conditioning line-up, LG’s award-winning laundry innovation, LG Styler – a sleek new clothing management system having an easy and time-saving way to maintain and refresh special clothing items.


Convenient and practical features have helped it to emerge as an essential home appliance for consumers around the world. The Styler combines the core technologies of three major home appliances – the steam technology of washing machines, the temperature control technology of refrigerators and advanced air flow control technology – to create a revolutionary new clothing care solution that meets the evolving needs of modern consumers.

Styler offers eco-friendly substitute to the dry cleaners by relying on steam instead of toxic chemicals and artificial substances.

“Unlike dry cleaners, the LG Styler relies only on steam, not harsh chemicals such as perchloroethylene, which is toxic to both humans and pets. The Styler has natural appeal to busy workers all over the world who can’t find enough time in a normal workday to get to the dry cleaners,” said Moses Marji, General Manager Marketing, LG Electronics East Africa.

As the scientific consensus around the dangers posed by perchloroethylene and other chemicals evolves, the appeal of steam cleaners will only grow.

Then there are the little things that make the Styler so endearing. Easy Pants Crease Care flawlessly restores pant creases while reducing wrinkles at the knee, waist, and other problem areas. Additionally, Moving Hanger Action gently shakes the clothes from side to side to straighten out the wrinkles with a light steam mist. LG’s TrueSteam™ technology uses steam to gently sanitize clothing while at the same time eliminating over 99 percent of allergens and bacteria. Odor removal is achieved through the machine’s steam and aroma sheets, leaving clothes smelling crisp and clean.

LG and Styler hope to change consumers’ perceptions of clothes maintenance and it seems to be working. While keeping clothes in peak condition was once a laborious process involving repeatedly ironing shirts and creasing pants, all of these tasks can now be accomplished at the touch of a button. Consumers now have more time to enjoy after work while still looking their best each morning. By expanding clothing care options for busy professionals, the LG Styler is well on its way to becoming a household necessity.

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