A glance at MPOST service by Posta Kenya

To most of us, postal addresses have no meaning. I mean, letters? But if this is your perspective, perhaps it is because you are yet to receive bills using the mailbox. Come-on, we have emails? Physical mails are what I’m talking about.

Well, Posta, after a long silence possibly from the shock after the world went digital, launched M-Post, a new and innovative approach to the delivery of Mails. Actually, the service is not new since it was launched over a year ago. However, I’m still convinced that most of the youth have not realized the importance of the service, leave alone the creativity behind one of Kenya’s oldest organization.

Following the realization of emails, the future of Posta Kenya did not seem promising, but I must give it to the minds behinds the Mpost Innovation. While the move was enough to give the service leverage in the current competitive markets, the idea was well thought and integrates well into the purpose of the company.

In summary form, Mpost is a service that lets you use your phone number as a postal address.  The service, also dubbed Posta Mkononi, is an annual subscription, where a user pays Ksh. 300 to use the virtual post box.

Mpost comes with a range of advantages, among them convenience, affordability and security;

Convenience: When a user receives mail, the system sends the owner a message to alert them. After this, the mail can be delivered all through the country.

 Affordability: Mpost is laid on technological foundations, and thus, seeks to overwrite the existent infrastructure. The virtual mailbox costs only Ksh. 300 per year, which a user pays via Mpesa or Airtel Money.

Security: There will no longer be a need for communal mailboxes, thus enhancing security and privacy.

Registering on Mpost is an easy process which takes less than five hours. First, a user needs to visit http://mpost.co.ke. Using the ‘Register’ link or tab on the main menu, one will have to submit personal information such as name, gender, email address and I.D Number among others.

After successful submission, the next mail is simply setting your number as the mailbox number as well as paying the subscription fee through Paybill numbers with the account numbers being your phone number (now mail box number). One may also send a message with the name “Mpost” to 40777 and follow the procedures which will be outlined.

People with physical addresses will also connect them to their phone numbers, so the company is not done with the traditional infrastructure.

I am, however, one of those people who are concerned with my mobile number just flying everywhere. Perhaps it would be convenient for customers with similar needs that Mpost can also use a virtual address, which can then be connected to the mobile number.

Posta has boldly showed it’s readiness to match up with technology, which is a great step towards organizational achievement, innovation and development.


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