Samsung launched its 2017 QLED TVs in Nairobi

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  • Posted: July 4, 2017 at 2:48 pm

You should have heard of the quantum dot TV, a new TV technology pioneered by Samsung. Today, the Q dot TV or what Samsung now refers to as QLED TV has matured and is already changing the way humans enjoy TV viewing. To accelerate the adoption of the new TV technology, Samsung introduced its line of QLED TVs in Nairobi yesterday.

“The latest QLED TV exhibits the continuous evolution of television, not only with regard to people’s entertainment, but also with aesthetics within the home. QLED TVs deliver true-to-life picture quality, smart features that facilitate access to today’s limitless content, as well as beautiful design that gives users the freedom to put the TV wherever their lifestyle demands.,” said Jung Hyun Park, Vice President and Managing Director of Samsung Electronics East Africa.

The new flagship line of QLED TVs includes two series: the Q7 and Q8 which will be available in a combination of flat and curved models.

Samsung’s QLED range takes quantum dot technology to the next level with advancements in light efficiency, stability and a wider colour spectrum to depict perfect true-to-source pictures.

When it comes to colour, for example, the innovative metal Quantum dot technology ensures that Samsung’s QLED TVs are able to showcase 100% colour volume due to the metal Quantum Dot having greater light efficiency, along with a peak brightness of HDR 1,500-2,000 nits turning light into pure colour.

In addition, the QLED TV’s rich, deep black levels and bold contrast provide a consistent viewing experience regardless of a room’s lighting. It allows users to see every hidden detail as it was meant to be seen, with no loss or distortion of colour.

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Samsung’s Smart Hub has also been expanded to offer an even more intuitive and unified experience, directly via the QLED TV. The enhanced Samsung One Remote Control now supports more devices and offers voice control capabilities across more Smart TV features. Paired with the latest Smart View App – available on Android or iOS mobile devices – users will enjoy their personalized Smart Hub.

Further, Samsung introduced new design elements that can fit into any home – regardless of the interior aesthetics or setup.

“With the QLED TV, we’ve solved problems that everyone —and every home—has experienced: cable clutter, thick wall mounts and a slew of devices sitting right under the TV,” said Mr. Park. “With our QLED TV 2017 line-up, the focus remains where it should be—the content on the screen —not everything surrounding it.”

The improvements to design and usability in the QLED TV series include a single, transparent ‘Invisible Connection’ cable, through which all of the peripheral devices can be gathered and connected to the TV.

The all-new Invisible Connection cable helps manage unsightly cords and clutter with a refined, single cord system. Consumers can now design their space with a single optical cable that brings all devices together, reclaiming the living room space once occupied by set-top boxes and external devices.

Samsung has also introduced the No Gap Wall-mount which brings the TV flush against the wall, closer than ever before, with a 15-minute installation process.

For those who do not wish to mount their TV onto the wall, there is also a range of stylish Samsung TV stands. Designed like an easel, the Studio Stand is an ideal accompaniment for any artist-inspired living space, and with the Gravity Stand, the TV can be rotated easily and allows for optimal viewing at any angle.

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“TVs are getting bigger so they need to have a clean design aesthetic that blend in seamlessly with your home decor,” concludes Mr. Park.

Samsung’s new QLED TVs will be available in all leading electronic consumer outlets in the country.

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