LG continues to give electronic companies a run for their money with new products

The increased frequency of curved screens and rounded edges in LG’s designs shows just how seriously the company takes design. Even after losing the phone market, the company still leads in the electronics industry across continents. Further, it is a testament to their commitment in helping homeowners personalize their living spaces in order to create a home that is both self-expressive and functional ahead of the full actualization of the most anticipated Internet Of Things.

This is in response to the company’s appreciation of the fact that homeowners know that a home is more than just the house they live in. It is a reflection of their identity, revealing not only their daily routines and habits but also their innermost views and preferences.

Fashion is definitely influencing the way we interact with technology. We are intimate with fashion in the clothes we wear; the beautiful wrist watch; the shoe we wear to the dinner date. Clothes and accessories serve an important function like keeping us warm or helping us track time. But we don’t just wear anything rather what we like and makes us feel nice about ourselves.

Less is more

For long, technology has been largely about usability. Much as this fundamental principle still holds, the desire for consumers to separate themselves from the pack, and highlight their status, lifestyle and good taste will always win out over rational assessments of efficacy.

“Technology like fashion has embraced visual appeal as a unique selling point. Consumers want to be fashionable but at the same time acquire products that are expressive, customized and user-friendly even with enhanced design,” says Moses Marji, General Manager Marketing, LG Electronics.

LG’s latest

This year, many homeowners have latched on to the “less is more” philosophy, content to make the most out of the space they have. Instead of industrial-style oversized furniture, they have incorporated bold yet elegant matte appliances, as well as a range of convenient smart home features. In this way, the home is transformed into a place that subtly symbolizes the personality and preferences of the homeowner.

Fully embracing this trend towards refined minimalism in home design is LG’s Signature W7 OLED TV. The TV itself is an innovative work of art with its sleek razor-thin profile causing the screen to appear as though it is levitating in mid-air. Its immersive screen allows the W7 to transport the audience and create intense viewing experiences no matter the content. The W7 reproduces the most lifelike images of any TV with its perfect blacks, infinite contrast, and Active HDR featuring Dolby Vision™. LG’s premier 2017 OLED TV is also the first to deliver Dolby Atmos to provide viewers with a comprehensive audio and visual experience, while enhancing user-convenience with the WebOS 3.5 smart operating system.

Consequently, LG’s  65 Inch-4K OLED TV comes with a subtle stand and thin bezel designed to reduce distraction to a minimum and enhance the television’s already immersive viewing experience. This model has received high marks among reviewers, with some going as far as to call it the ‘Best TV ever made’. But perhaps the most intriguing design element is the curve of the screen itself.

Curved screens mirror the shape of the human eye better than flat screens, helping to make the viewing experience more immersive. They also present a wider field of view with images that look sharper at the edges.

LG’s motto “Innovation for a better life” places an emphasis on the power of innovation and encourages employees to look for out-of-the-box solutions to everyday problems. From just the above-mentioned examples, one can say that the Company’s impressive innovation track record has allowed it to create iconic products that shape the world around us and improve the lives of millions around the globe.


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