IEBC Voters Register is a sham

It’s three weeks since KPMG submitted its audit report to IEBC in regards to the IEBC Voters Register. Since then, IEBC went ahead to clean up the register in accordance to the recommendations by KPMG. Although KPMG identified some 92,272 dead voters, IEBC managed to remove only 88,602 dead voters from the IEBC Voters register.

IEBC announced the new register with a total of 19,687,563 registered voters, and somehow the new register also contains names of voters whose ID numbers are single digits. For example, if you send the ID No 0 to the SMS Number 70000, you will get the following feedback:


That’s not the only weird case. According to a number of Kenyans who have sent single, double, and triple digits ID numbers to the SMS service number 70000, there are quite a number of Kenyans who have been registered as voters with those non-existent ID numbers. One other example of a Kenyan who has been registered under non-existent ID number is:


Right now several people are continuing to send non-existent ID numbers to the IEBC Voters Register verification SMS code in order to find out just how many fake voters or voters with wrong ID numbers are in the register. We may not be able to know exactly the number of fake voters that are in the register, but just the fact that there is at least one fake voter makes the entire register untrustworthy.

We already know that there are at least 3,670 dead voters who were supposed to be deleted from the register but were retained. In an election where many analysts have predicted that the outcome will be too close to call, even one wrong entry in the register may determine who wins the presidential elections. After all, the constitution of requires that the winner garners 50% of that the total valid votes plus one extra vote.

Also, given the Court of Appeal ruling that upheld the High Court ruling on the announcement of the presidential results at the constituency level, the only place where someone with intentions to rig is at the IEBC Voters Register. Thus, if the register has some half a million or thereabout dead voters, and those dead voters happen to vote for one of the leading presidential candidates, then the elections is as good as done.

IEBC must be made to come clean on this voters register before doubt is cast on the credibility of the forthcoming general elections.

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