Ezekiel Mutua bans 5 DStv and GOtv programmes

It is been a while before Ezekiel Mutua trended on Twitter – probably because over the last few weeks Twitter trends have largely been fueled by Jubilee campaigns and NASA’s complains against IEBC. In a move that may propel Ezekiel Mutua back to trending topics, the head of Kenya Film Classification Boards has banned 5 programmes from airing on DStv and GOtv. The five programmes have been blamed for giving children subtle ideas that homosexuality is okay.

KFCB has demanded that Multichoice, owners of DStv and GOtv, to immediately stop airing Loud House, The Legend of Korra, and Hey Arnold which are animation children’s programmes available on Nickelodeon channels and Clarence, Steven Universe, and Adventure Time which are available on Cartoon Network.

“Following our investigations and subsequent to public concerns regarding the programmes, KFCB has written to Multichoice and asked the network to immediately discontinue the broadcasting, distribution or exhibition of the programmes”, reads the KFCB media statement sent to Kachwanya.com following the ban.

In addition to the findings that the programmes contain homosexuality suggestive content, KFCB also says it found the programmes generally unsuitable for children. “While these are pay TV Channels, accessible through subscription, most parents in Kenya may not be aware that the children’s programmes are laced with retrogressive and bizarre messages intended to promote the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) agenda in the country. Further, the programmes bear misleading age suitability ratings that are inconsistent with KFCB content Classification Guidelines and indeed against the laws of Kenya”, the statement reads.

KFCB has relied heavily on Article 45 of the Constitution of Kenya that defines marriage as a union between persons of the opposite gender, Article 11 of the Constitution that recognizes culture as the foundation of the nation, and the Penal Code Sections 162 to 165 that criminalizes homosexuality and homosexual behavior and attempted homosexual behavior. Another section that KFCB has relied on is section 181 that prohibits the distribution and exhibition of indecent content, with the potential to corrupt morals. Violation of the penal code attracts penalty of two years’ imprisonment.

KFCB has however gone ahead to acknowledge that Article 33 of the Kenyan Constitution guarantees freedom of expression with limitations; limitation of which do not extend to homosexuality – but the freedom to choose sexual orientation is only applicable to adults. Thus, according to KFCB, children can only choose to be heterosexual – or so it is implied.


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