Top 10 Best Android Games for 2017

With the release of Vulcan API and Android Nougat, there seems to be no limit on what Android games cannot deliver. With their PC grade hardware, ever improving processors, crisper screens and accessories like DeX Dock, smartphones are not far away from delivering a console-like gaming experience. Here are our top 10 immersive Android games that will get you glued to your smartphone’s screens for hours.

  1. Minecraft Pocket

One of the most versatile multi-platform game is available for free on Google Play Store. Minecraft Pocket is among few titles that are thoroughly thought out and don’t rely on cutting edge, heavy graphics to get you hooked. What’s the hype about, you ask? Well, you are a master of your own universe, think of it as a vast limitless Age of Empires, where you hunt for resources, battle baddies and add new areas by exploring game further and further.

  1. Injustice 2

Building on the huge success of Injustice Gods Amongst Us, Injustice 2 offers same exciting loud action with one of the best graphics on Android. If you have played this on PS or XBOX, then you will definitely note lacking gameplay, but it still comes across as one of the most downloaded games on Google Play. With improved graphics, storyline and control, Injustice 2 is a sure fun way to kill time, and the fact that its free doesn’t hurt its case either.

  1. To the Moon

For puzzle lovers, this game is a treat. It’s alluring story line and no-filler game play is addictive. The only downside is price tag of $4.99. If price seems a bit steep, you can always head on to Friv  for equally enticing flash based puzzle games.

  1. Disney Crossy Road

This title can easily take our top spot. It’s enslaving, fun, and leaves everyone wanting for more. The gameplay is same as original; a blocky cute pixelated character jumping across obstacles, hedges and stream, but with the addition of Disney kids getting their favorite Disney characters hoping through Disney world. No other game can beat this one for the sheer amount of nonstop fun it offers, but pay due diligence to the time kids spend on games/smartphones.

  1. Rockstar Games

Kudos to the pioneers of open world gaming, for bringing console-like experience to the mobile platform. With titles like Max Payne Mobile and GTA: Liberty City Stories, Rockstar is bringing legendary free world gameplay to small screens.

  1. Super Mario Run

This title will surely make you nostalgic, as the iconic mustachioed plumber makes its entry into Android realm as a runner. It’s a relatively new take on Mario, as far as controls go, but the Marioness will overwhelm you with same, rather improved, graphics and gameplay from original Nintendo version. You can also enjoy Mario adventures across platforms, as a number of variants are available online.

  1. Badland 2

One of the most original and well executed mobile game, Badland 2 controls and game play are designed with smartphones in mind and that’s truly evident throughout the game. With beautiful and unique levels and intriguing story, this simple game will capture your attention for hours.

  1. Pokemon Go

Though this augmented reality game doesn’t appeal to masses like it used to do, but it still is a formidable contender in our top 10 best android games list. The game takes you on an exploring journey in your immediate vicinity where you find Pokemons, duel with rivals, and restock through Pokestops.

  1. Asphalt 8

One of the best racing games currently available across multiple platforms, Asphalt 8 makes a bold statement with its detailed graphics and responsive gameplay. Just push aside the urge for in-app purchases and you can enjoy this high flying fast paced arcade racer for hours. For more racing action, you can head on to Juegos Friv and explore a vast variety of Flash based online racing games. Another option that you can try out is drift games.

  1. Plants Vs Zombies

Whether it was the idea or its execution, PopCap hit a home run on Android Games with Plants Vs Zombies. Still hugely popular, it is seriously underpriced, available for $0.99, as it provides most entertaining take on ‘tower defense’ gaming. Winning numerous awards and accolades across all platforms including PC, XBOX, PS, iOS and Android, this game is our number one Android game for 2017.


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