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  • Posted: May 11, 2017 at 1:39 pm

Ever since MPESA and mobile money services became so successful in Kenya, hundreds of Apps have been launched to improve users’ experience when using the mobile money platforms. The latest entrant in this almost over crowded field of mobile money apps is the Overview App, which promises to offer the user the  ability to overview MPESA, Mshwari, KCB MPESA and Airtel Money transactions all under one roof.

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As the name of the app suggests, Overview App promises to offer a glance summary of transactions on MPESA, Mshwari, KCB MPESA and Airtel Money, allowing the user to summarily view transaction history in aggregate figures and graphs. The App goes a step further to show the user where the most recent transaction was done or who sent that recent transaction.

The Overview App has three main menus accessible at the bottom of the App. The Home screen is where the user can overview MPESA and the other mobile money platforms, but if you would want to check the graphical representations of the recent receipts and spends, then the Movement Screen is where you’ll head to. The Movement Screen offers summary of transactions under Peer to Peer, Unknown, Airtime, Beauty, Bills, Business, Clothing, Community, Education, Electronics, Entertainment, Fees, Gambling, Groceries, Health, Restaurant and Bars, Savings, Shopping, Sports, Transport and Travel categories. By the time of reviewing the App for the purposes of this article, I had only used mobile money on Peer to Peer and Unknown categories.

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Lastly, the Wallets screen allows you to check at a glance the wallets that are currently supported by the App. By the time of writing this article, the supported wallets were MPESA, MShwari Savings, Airtel Money, KCB, and Mshwari Lock Savings. Apparently the Mshwari Loans that is mostly used by Kenyans is yet to be included in the App.

To explain further to our readers what exactly is Overview and how this new mobile money app can actually be beneficial to users, we contacted Henri-Jérôme Pauwels, the Chief Marketing Officer at Overview, and asked him the following questions:

Who is the team behind Overview?
Henri, Hans and Charles. An entrepreneurial family founding team combining product design and development—used by millions worldwide—with innovation management and 30+ years of international business. Our business is built around user experience in banking. We are based in Belgium, but we work globally, with a focus on emerging markets and developing economies.
What is Overview?
Overview is an Android personal finance management app that enriches your mobile payment services. It is a diary of your finances. Just like a diary, it is built to be friendly, engaging and highly interactive. What’s more, we fill it out for you. Through engagement we assist our users to gain complete control of their finances and start building their dreams.
What will Overview do for me, as a user?
First of all, you are instantly notified of every transaction, allowing you to manage your finances ‘live’. Compact and pertinent push notifications arriving promptly, even offline.
Then we talk. Guiding users through the transaction details with suggestions to rename, add notes or even add a picture. Making every transaction unique and personal.
Over time, we’ll graph all transactions and compare them to trendlines and past performance. Your digital statement of all of your accounts. Keeping you informed at all times and at a single glance.
Categorizing all your expenses. Automatically where we can, or manually where needed in 2 simple actions. For you to understand how you spent your money.
And as our machine learning starts to understand user patterns, we’ll start to make suggestions that are relevant to you at that specific moment in your life.
We’ve already built in some cool features, such as geolocation, mapping your financial diary. And we’re working hard on new ones that will be introduced shortly.
What are the benefits?
Overview create value for its users by offering a holistic view of their finances in one glance. We also provide real time notification with every transactions. This alone, for instance, makes M-PESA more secure as you will only get a notification that is generated by the Safaricom servers. No more fraudulent or fake SMS’s. What’s more, Overview enriches all transactions; automatic categorization where possible, pinpointed so that you know where you spent money, possibility to add notes or even send messages. Every transaction becomes rewarding, unique and personal.

Generally therefore, if you are the type of individual who sends or receives hundreds/thousands of mobile money transactions every day, and you would want to constantly see the summary of your mobile money transactions on the second/minute or hour, then the Overview App is meant for you.

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We will keep tabs on Overview App and notify you of any new add-ons to the App as they get incorporated. And by the way, head on to Overview Site and download the App to your Android device, then let us know what you would like to be added therein, and we’ll pass your feedback to the Overview team.

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