Google Copyless Paste – Has Google acquired mind reading abilities?

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  • Posted: May 2, 2017 at 10:21 am

Here comes Google Copyless Paste. Imagine a life in paradise – a life where, like God, Google knows exactly what you are thinking. Where she knows the exact phrase from this article you would like to copy, then paste. Wouldn’t that life be heavenly? Of course it would be. Copy paste is one of the most daunting tasks in computer use. For starters, you have to click at the beginning of the phrase, drag your mouse across the phrase up to the end of the phrase, then right click, click on copy, open the document in which you want to paste, right click at the exact place you want to paste, then click on paste. Woe unto you if you are attempting to do all these on a smartphone. Mostly, you will have to attempt at least three times before you can get it right.

The torture of copy paste is however bound to come to an end pretty soon, hopefully sooner than the biblical promise of end of times. Truth is, the end of copy paste can be as soon as your next Android update as Google has been tasting her copyless paste feature for weeks, and beginning two weeks ago, techies have been beta testing the copyless feature too.

What exactly is copyless paste? As the name suggests, this is a feature where you will be able to paste stuff without having to copy them in the first place. Android Authority puts it thus, “The copyless paste feature uses machine learning to predict what the user will want to copy from the screen”.

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For example, if your intention is paste a particular word from this article onto your Facebook status, what you will have to do is read the word you intend to paste, then simply head to your Facebook status writeup box, and in there long press and paste. Viola, the new Android (Android O), shall have known what you wanted to paste and will paste it for you – just like that – just like magic.

“No way”, you may be saying – and you are right. I have exaggerated a little bit. The Google Copyless Paste won’t work like magic, at least not as per my description above. What the new feature will do is to figure out what you would like to paste given what you were reading before, or the App you just came from before opening the new App. If for example you were browsing through a restaurant app and head straight to your Twitter, Google Copyless Paste feature would figure out that probably you want to tweet the name of the restaurant, and if you decide to press paste onto Twitter without copying anything, it will paste the name of the restaurant for you. Or if you were reading a blog article like this one, then the reasoning is you probably want to paste the heading of the article and share the link.

Right now, if your intention is to share a title or even a sub-title of an article you have been reading on social media, then you have to choices, to either click share (e.g. we have Share buttons below this article that you should click immediately you are through with reading this) or to copy then paste the sub-title. In smartphones, the process of selecting a group of words to copy may be daunting. That’s where you will thank Google’s ingenious copyless paste algorithm that shall come to the rescue.

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If this feature tickles you but you are a fond user of desktop computing, do not fret, the Google Copyless Paste feature is set to debut both on Android O and on desktop’s Chrome browser. That means before the end of this year you should be able to experience this mind reading magic. When you happen to experience it, don’t forget to let us know it made you feel.

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