You can now ditch whatever Payroll you are using and opt for Sage One Payroll

Sage One Payroll was officially launched in Kenya yesterday at Norfolk hotel, three weeks after the cloud based Payroll system was launched globally. As we explained during the global launch, Sage One Payroll system is a cloud based solution meant to allow startups, small and medium enterprises and the big corporates save time, money and human resource by allowing them to sort out their payroll requirements in the cloud. And it is as easy as registering for a month’s free demo via this link.

During the launch, several statistics were mentioned to give credence to the need for startups, small and medium enterprises and the big corporates to opt for Sage One Payroll. One statistic that caught my attention was the fact that in small and medium enterprises, 36 percent of executives in charge of financial management in SMEs have no financial training. What this means is that the executives have no idea of how to properly workout manual accounting systems including a manual payroll systems.

In addition to lack of training in finance, the SMEs also waste time, up to 52 hours per week, on keeping up with administration work instead of focusing on how to get the core business rolling forward. To save the SMEs both time and the need to invest in training, Sage came up with the cloud based easy to use Sage One Payroll that handles all the necessary payroll calculations including calculations related to NHIF, NSSF, and KRA tax returns. If there is one objective Sage wants to realize with the Sage One Payroll, then it is the objective of simplifying accounting for SMEs in Kenya.

As of today, according to data provided to newsrooms during the launch of Sage One Payroll in Kenya, there are more than 3,000 enterprises that are already using Sage One in East Africa. Accordingly, these enterprises are already enjoying the benefits of Sage One which include but are not limited to:

  • A complete business solution for  businesses as the cloud based payroll solution seamlessly integrates with Sage One Accounting.
  • Flexible Pay Runs – setup an unlimited amount of pay runs for a specific pay date. Define your pay runs and pay dates as you go without having to stick to a rigid, pre-defined pay calendar.
  • Submissions – generate your NHIF, NSSF and PAYE reports in electronic format for quick and easy submissions.
  • Leave Overview – get a clear picture of leave transactions for the month in a calendar view for the whole company
  • Easy Access – move easily between companies by using the main dashboard which gives you a view of all employees and all pay runs created on your Sage One Payroll account
  • Modern User Interface – the modern layout and design of Sage One Payroll allows you to access the application from any browser – desktop or mobile – without having to install a separate app on your device

Other than helping your manage the tax submissions including helping with NHIF, NSSF and PAYE reports, Sage One Payroll goes a step further and notifies you of any new legislations that affect your payroll. Of course the benefits of using the Sage One Payroll are obvious, and the next question that must be in your mind is the question of cost.

The question of cost was also raised during the launch, of which Sage gave us figures that remarked, “give me any authentic payroll solution that beats our cost”. So if you have a cost comparison that beats the figures shown in the table below, feel free to contact us with the figures and we will for sure forward the same to Sage.

Sage One Accounting Pricing

Base Subscription

–          2 users

–          1 Company

–          1GB

Kshs 1,435 per month

Kshs 15,498 per annum (inclusive of 10% annual subscription discount).

Additional Company Kshs 1,330 per month
Additional Users Kshs 210 per month
Additional Storage Kshs 70 per month
Multicurrency/timetracking Kshs 533 per month for each


Sage One Payroll offer additional benefits that include ability to:

  • Manage your account details effi ciently from a central location.
  • Create multiple companies to work in.
  • Update your company details at any time.
  • Create your employees.
  • Create Payroll Bureau details if you process on behalf of other businesses.
  • Set up your payroll departments within the company.
  • Create new and manage default pay components.
  • Set up and link your employees to retirement funds – private and NSSF.
  • Process your employee pay run.
  • You can process earnings, deductions, benefits, leave transactions as well as terminations.
  • Submit important information such as: NHIF, iTax as well as EFT files for salary payments through 4 major Kenyan Banks.
  • Produce powerful and sophisticated reports including, but not limited to, the following: a Payment Summary and a Summary Pay Run.
  • Use the Dashboard available to assist you in managing your companies more effectively.
  • Seamlessly integrate your payroll with Sage One Accounting.


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