Blame your tech gadgets for your ruined romantic life

How Tech Gadgets and Technology Affect Romance

Nowadays it seems that there are two main points of view how technology affects romantic relationships. Ones view it as a severe interference and emotional corruption, while others think that relationships can only benefit from using modern gadgets. Let’s consider both point of view separately, before taking sides.

How Tech Gadgets have Ruined Romance

There are certain reasons why guys at the Protocol School of Washington invented such terms as “Blackberry abandonment” and “cell-fishness”. Social networks and mobile phones still a lot of our time and as time goes by gadgets and networks seem to demand more and more attention from us. How many couples go on a date to some cafe and restaurant, and bother more about Wi-Fi connection, rather than the meal? Next, instead of chatting with each other while having a meal, both of them are in their cell-phones, checking new tweets or scrolling down the feed on Facebook.

Couples are no longer depressed when they don’t see each other for long. They are depressed when the internet is down and they cannot reach their social network page.

Some scientist claim that gadgets it’s the reason why the number of people who are alone is constantly increasing. In 1950s, only about four million people in the US were living alone, by 2012 the number increased to fifty million. This happens because social networks create a fake emotional contact. While it can’t replace the real contact, it is strong enough to prevent people from seeking the real one.

How We Can Benefit from Gadgets and Technology

The statement that technology has only negative impact would be a far cry from the truth. Nowadays people can’t afford themselves enough time to get acquainted trough real-life dating. With work and running errands eating all of our time, we can’t allow ourselves to visit places to meet people that often. That’s why more and more people are trying to find their second half with the help of social networks, dating services, and apps.

On the web you have more time to get to know each other, and in certain point, starting your dating online can be more honest. We start loving each other through conversations that reveal our inner world, instead of falling just for someone’s appearance.

Dating online is especially useful for those who are not interested in domestic partners. Today there is an increasing number of western men that are looking for Russian and Ukrainian brides. With trips to those countries being too expansive, dating sites offering chatting with women from Slavic countries is the best choice for those men.

Social networks and cellphones can be useful for saving a long distance relationships as well. If previously you had to wait for a letter to arrive to your partner, now you can easily connect with he/she via Skype.


Nothing in this world can replace real life contact. If you start dating someone online, it will be useless if sooner or later you won’t meet offline. Yes, modern technology has it’s negative impact on romantic connection, still, if used wisely, it can be a great help in building one.


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