LG Robot for smart homes launched

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The future of the internet of things that is the Smart Home just got brighter. In January this year, LG launched the LG Hub Robot which is an intelligent notification center and smart home gateway.  The Hub Robot seeks to leverage voice control functions to act as a personal assistant in the home making for a more connected internet of things with the house.

To enhance its usability, the Hub Robot leverages on Amazon’s Alexa whose capabilities enable the voice controlled access to other devices. Through this feature, the Hub Robot can control other appliances including Ovens, carpet cleaners and washing machines.

Though it is yet to be launched on the Kenyan market the LG Hub Robot which made its debutant appearance at the Las Vegas CES 2017 presents a vision for the future of the smart home. The President of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company Song Dae-Hyun used the showcase to unveil two other robots that were mobile; the Airport Guide Robot and Airport Cleaning Robot. Going by their mobility, the next version of the Hub Robot may be more mobile and hold enhanced features more so by integrating cleaning appliances.


“LG has been involved in smart technology and robotics for many years with the HOM-BOT robot vacuum cleaner being our most visible consumer effort,” said Song Dae-Hyun, president of LG Electronics and Home Appliance & Air Solutions Company. “Here at CES, we’re demonstrating how we’re taking the knowledge gained from years of research and applying that to various situations inside and outside the home.”

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The modern parent can look forward retaking control of the home given the immense opportunities to control devices through the Hub Robot. For instance, its integrated notification center enables it to build profiles for each user, a factor that could see the hub robot lockout access to the internet for children and even moderate the content they can access. Given that the Hub Robot features remote access through the internet, an IP-based access system would restrict content for the device even when away from home.

Similar algorithms can be built in to restrict access before completion of tasks such as homework, cleaning and even times of the day. For this to happen however LG would have to open up its Application Program Interface (API)  to independent developers and a host of other devices from the growing internet of things.

Going by the LG’s decision to leverage on Amazon’s Alexa and the development of an Airport Guide Robot which is indiscriminate to interaction with other devices, opening up its API could happen sooner rather than later. The seemingly futuristic and voice controlled Smart Home looms in the not too distant future.


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