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Kusema na kutenda was Jubilee’s slogan before the coalition transformed into a political party and adopted the tuko pamoja slogan. Towards the end of 2013, Kenyans started questioning the kutenda part, with a number of people saying that the government has been all talks with no action, or if there is any action then it is kutender and nothing else. By the turn of 2015, analysts were of the opinion that the problem Jubilee government has is its inability to communicate its work effectively, and since then the government has launched a number of communication portals including, and now is the work of President’s Delivery Unit, a unit formed in the early parts of 2015 when the President poached Mr. Nzioka Waita from Safaricom to streamline Jubilee’s promises and deliveries. Mr. Waita has since been promoted to Deputy Chief of Staff and Deputy Head of Public Service, leaving the mandate for President’s Delivery Unit to Andrew Wakahiu, under whose leadership the portal was formed.

In a discussion panel led by President Kenyatta and his Deputy William Ruto that was held yesterday at KICC which attended, it was made clear that was solely formed to separate the wheat from the chaff, to set the record straight that Jubilee has kept her promise and the best the opposition is doing is to spread propaganda – propaganda that include claims that the projects Jubilee says it has delivered are the projects of the grand coalition government.

The second and most important function of, according to the President, is to let the 2017 election campaigns be score card based. Deputy President William Ruto particularly emphasized that the 2017 election campaigns cannot be based on hair dyes, makeup, and grooming, but on what the political office seekers have done over the years they have been leadership positions – and according to both the President and his Deputy, Jubilee has a straight record of deliveries that anyone can now verify through

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The third function of is to let Kenyans verify facts for themselves. According to the President, a Kenyan and especially a journalist shouldn’t ask what the government has done in the last four years, but instead head to, get the answers, and relay those answers to listeners/viewers/readers. portal is in three sections namely Flagship Programmes, County Programmes and Ministry Programmes. Under Flagship programmes for instance, Jubilee has listed projects under ICT, Lands, Health care, and Infrastructure as already achieved. I was particularly concerned with projects under counties in which I checked the projects that have been delivered in my home county of Homa Bay and resident county of Nakuru, from which I learnt that there have been over 36,000 and 19,000 last mile electricity connections in Homa Bay and Nakuru respectively.

County projects listed in are numerous, with many listed as completed, ongoing at different phases, or completed. It is however difficulty to verify whether the figures provided are accurate as I found one important discrepancy in Homa Bay County. Under Public Works, Housing and Urban Development, it is listed that Construction of Awasi ESP Market at Nyando at budget of  KSh 9M is 80% complete, yet Awasi is not in Homa Bay county but in Kisumu County. If the government got the county of a project wrong, and going by the errors pointed out after the State of the Nation address, you as a reader ought to consider the facts and figures provided at with a pinch of salt.

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