Rockefeller Foundation Africa announces Ksh.100 Million Funding For Ajira Digital Jobs website

The Rockefeller Foundation Africa has announced the funding of $1 Million (Over Ksh100 million) to Ajira Digital jobs website, The money will go through the Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA) to train 10,000 youth and apprentices on how to seek and get online jobs.

According to Cabinet Secretary Mr. Joe Mucheru who has been the primary mover behind the project:

“The pursuit of an empowered, engaged and involved youth population cannot be fulfilled through my Ministry alone; neither can it be delivered by Government action alone. We require all stakeholders to pull resources and capacity together for greater impact and sustainable results”

Under phase 1 of the Programme, KEPSA will oversee the development of the Ajira Digital training curriculum and the assigning of the trained apprentices to identified experienced workers and online freelancers.

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