Those with criminal records can still travel to the US but only with the US Entry Waiver

Since Donald Trump took over the White House, traveling to the US has become a nightmare for a number of people around the world. With this difficulty, imagine how difficult it is for those who have criminal records particularly those with criminal records in the INS and FBI. For these people to travel smoothly to the US, they need the US Entry Waiver.

Without the US Entry Waiver, there is a high chance that the custom official will bar you from entering into the US border. You will face a lot of consequences if you get detained at the border. They have the right to deport you back to your country or confiscate your possession if they find out that you have a criminal record. It can be a horrible experience to be detained at the border. It will also create a blacklisted record on your passport so that you will not be able to enter into the USA border again in the near future.

There are actually two options for those who have criminal record but don’t have conviction to visit the USA. One of the options is to fill in the U.S. Entry waiver application at waiver application i 192. Applying for a US Entry Waiver is suitable for people who have a criminal record in the INS and FBI. You can apply for the U.S. entry waiver from the US government at any time. Prior to applying for the waiver, you should check whether you can be legally admitted into the US border. If you can be legally admitted into the US border, there is no need to obtain the waiver.

There are a few documents that you need to submit to provide information about the criminal activity you are charged with. The documents must be recent and dated at least 1 year ago. Certain types of convictions require the documents to be submitted to the Department of Homeland Security. You will have to renew the waiver about 1 year later when you want to enter into the US again. It takes at least 5 months for the waiver application to be processed. The amount of time it takes to process the renewal waiver application is the same as the initial waiver application process.

The original documents that you submit with the initial waiver application will be required when you apply for renewal of the waiver application. You need to have a valid passport when submitting the US Entry Waiver application. You can download the US Waiver Entry form from the USCIS official site. In the form, you have to provide basic personal information such as employment status, and physical address. The instruction page is to be submitted along with the application form.

The application form can be submitted to the authorized port at the custom border. There is a list of port of entries where you can submit the form and this list of location is published at the Customs and Board Protection website. There is an application fee that you have to pay in order for it to be processed promptly. If you prefer not to submit the application yourself, you can hire a professional company to help you submit it. The professional will handle the entire stage including preparing the documents and filling in your details into the application.

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