Tech Companies declare commitment to a Standardized 5G Ecosystem.

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Top tech companies jointly declared a statement promoting unified, global 5G standards. This is to be achieved through 5G testing, trials, and cooperation between telecom operators, vendors and vertical industry partners. The statement was made during the Global 5G Test Summit which happened at the World Mobile Congress in Barcelona. The companies present include Huawei, AT&T, China Mobile, NTT DOCOMO, Vodafone, Ericsson, Intel, Keysight, MediaTek, Nokia, Qualcomm, Rohde & Schwarz, ZTE, and Datang

The statement also encourages and welcomes partners from vertical industries to participate in the test and trial for 5G innovative services, and to jointly create new value for the whole society.

“Thinking 10 years ahead and pushing the limits of technology, we imagine a Future X Network that is a 10-fold improvement across key technology domains,” said Mr. Risto Siilasmaa, Chairman of Nokia.

“We are connecting everything, everyone and every system and process with a network that will enable us to explore and interact with information in new and useful ways.”

At the Global 5G Test Summit which was hosted by four leading telecom operators and supported by ITU, GSMA, 3GPP, NGMN and GTI, all participants declared their commitment to the promotion of unified global 5G standards.

After standardization, testing and trials are vital to the success of 5G technologies, ecosystem development and cross-industry innovation. To achieve this goal, all participants committed to facilitating and ensuring a unified, high-quality and competitive 3GPP 5G specification by June 2018. This will be followed by building a unified 5G E2E ecosystem (including chipset, terminal, network, test instrument, etc.) for seamless global roaming, and enlarging the global market scale at a low cost.

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5G is the upcoming evolution of wireless 4G internet. When the 5G wireless standard hits the mainstream, our home internet speeds have the potential to be so fast that we’ll be downloading 4K movies, games, software, and any other large form of content at a fraction of the time we’re used to.

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