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There was a time that the only way to convert texts in pdf or images into editable versions, e.g. in Word document was to re-type them, and that’s why before 2010s onwards the business of typists was a booming business. Today however if you have texts that already printed, scanned, or even that are in images you no longer need to re-type them in order to edit – you can simply scan them using one of the many OCR Software in the market.

OCR stands for Optical Character Recognition, and it is a helpful software that enables you to convert documents you have in a scanned or photo form into text which you can read on a computer. If you are still thinking why some people would need this, imagine how useful it is for business cards, receipts, bank documents, old papers or passports when you need to have them in a digital format.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of using ocr and see why you should use it:

Better Workflow

OCR basically converts a picture it takes to text. As such, you will have an electronic file that is identical to the picture or scan you have, except that you can now search it. This means that suddenly it’s easier and faster to index, search for an item, store documents or display them online. Many people were surprised to see that they actually found some information they thought it was lost. As such, finding what you need in no time makes the workflow faster and you can work more easily and efficiently. You can insert text from a document right into Word, thus saving lots of time.

Finding Information Easily

OCR is particularly useful for bringing business information to your computer, for example. Now the search process is completely changed: instead of spending hours looking over all the printed documents you have, you can search for a bit of information just like you do on Google. The fast process also translates to projects solved sooner and less time wasted during work hours.

Become More Productive

Sometimes it’s easier to organize your documents in a virtual format instead of piling folders over folders, so having a cleaner workspace will help you be more productive. Moreover, it’s also economical, since you won’t need to constantly waste money on paper. The fact that you can manipulate text in any way you need or in various other programs (such as Word) is another reason for which you should consider getting an OCR software soon.

All in all, the fact that technology evolves is more and more often seen in the speed with which businesses advance and grow. And OCR software is indeed part of the rapidly advancing work processes. Some people make the mistake to think that this change is not affecting them. But on the contrary, in today’s business, you either keep up or are left behind, and nobody wants that. As such, you should be considering if there is any need for such new software for your company and if you’re still not convinced, assess how much time and effort would be saved by including this in your work process.

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