Skype Update: Microsoft is disabling Skype for users running older versions of the app

Skype Update

Microsoft is disabling Skype for users running older versions of the app on their Windows OS and Mac OS machines. Come 1st March, 2017, users on the older versions will no longer be able to log in to Skype. By older versions we mean Skype for Windows desktop version 7.16 and below and version 7.18 and below for Skype for Mac. The only alternative for these users, if they wish to continue using Skype, is to upgrade to the latest version. Microsoft goes ahead to entice users with a free update for that matter.

“Because we want to provide our users with the best possible Skype experience, necessary changes must be made along the way. So, beginning March 1, users running older versions of Skype for Windows desktop (7.16 and below) or Skype for Mac (7.0 to 7.18) will no longer be able to sign in.”

-via Skype Blogpost.

You have less than a month’s notice to grab the upgrade. When the tech company retires older versions of Skype, all individuals still using older versions of the app will be signed out of Skype automatically and won’t be able to sign in again until they upgrade to the latest version.

According to Microsoft, the update will be ‘faster’ and brings with it features such as:

  • Ability to make group video calls on mobile
  • Ability to send files even when friends are offline
  • Ability to send video messages to a group and save your favourites.

If you run the latest update of Windows 10, the Anniversary Update, you should not be worried. You can continue using the Skype Preview app that comes bundled with the Anniversary Update. The Skype Preview app makes accessing calls, video calls and group video calls easier than ever before. It is integrated with Windows Action Centre for quick notifications if you miss any call.

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