A Twitter account that predicts the future.

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Someone on twitter has been “predicting the future”. The account @beyoncefan666 has set the web ablaze by correctly predicting Brexit, Trumps win, and Beyoncé’s pregnancy days before the announcement



The account had predicted the same in a July 2016 post.


The account which gained a lot of attention on Wednesday night after Beyonce announced her twin pregnancy. In another tweet, the seemingly psychic twitter account predicted the Brexit win a few months before the UK referendum on whether to leave the European union.


Further, the account owner further predicted the exact percentage the Brexit win would be.


Tweets which often describe the future go viral all the time. An example is that of a teen who predicted Kanye West would name his kid “Saint” months before the kid was born.

The ability of this particular twitter account to predict other events like the Trump win,

and another confirmation a day to the election has baffled many.




In a weird twist, the user posted


One theory of how the account owner did it lies in a 2014 account called FIFA Corruption which appeared to predict key moments in the world competition down to Mario Götze’s 113th-minute winning goal. Faking sports results is, however, easy as one just need to tweet as many possible outcomes and delete those that did not go one’s way. That’s what @FifNdhs did and get caught after screenshots of his accounts were compared.

It would also be easy to predict the result of the Brexit vote or the American election as there were only two possible outcomes. What baffles many is the exact Brexit percentage, predicting Beyoncé’s pregnancy and Lady-Gaga’s next album release.

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User @beyoncefan666 has not been caught out like @FifNdhs as no one has previous screenshots or archived tweets for the account.


The answer lies in the replies to all the ‘prediction’ tweets. They were all sent recently. This suggests that the account may have been private and was made public after Beyoncé’s announcement. That way no one would have seen the tweets before that allowing the account owner to delete unfavorable tweets unseen.


It is either that or @beyoncefan666 is just psychic




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