A peak into Samsung Galaxy S8

Many mobile phone enthusiasts are eagerly waiting for the official release of the Samsung Galaxy S8. What is more interesting is the special features the high-end mobile phone will have, to make the world forget the Samsung Galaxy S7.

Samsung has given confirmation that the Galaxy S8 will not be released at the MWC 2017. This makes a March or April release out of question. Various credible sources are so far put the Galaxy S8 at the top of the smartphone food chain. Sources indicate that the S8 will come with a headphone jack which goes against an earlier report of the phone not showing up with one.

An advanced screen technology is also in the S8’s pipeline as it looks to become more stylish and overall stunning.

Hints indicate that the screen will be called “Infinity display” with a reduced size of the bezels to the smallest possible area. Its name will probably have stem from bath and swimming pool designs that allows water to flow to the edge. The phone size is still expected to be within the 5-6 inch range but will be big due the reduced size of the bezels. Reports indicate that the Samsung plans to push the edges of the edge leaving no space for its logo at the front. Samsung are said to also remove the physical home key from the phone in favor of on-screen buttons. The biometric sensors will be moving to the back of the phone.

Samsung lovers will have to wait a little bit for the Galaxy S8 as the company is still reeling and dealing with the effects and causes of the Galaxy S7 fires. Samsung is taking its time with its promise “to enhance product safety following an investigation into the cause of fires in its premium Note 7 devices.”

The Galaxy S8 will probably be the fastest in the smartphone market as it is said to be having a snapdragon 835 processor chip which will only be available in the market after the iPhone8 release. Other features the s8 will have is micro-SD card support, a newer VR headset version and a Gear 360 camera in addition to the new “DeX” dock which will turn your phone into an android based computer once plugged in to your computer.


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