Long range wireless charging for iPhone8 users

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Wireless charging might find its way into the iPhone8 to be released late this year. This is a downgrade from the rumors that the iPhone8 would be chargeable from any part of the room and not from a conductive pad.

This feature has been available for other phone models for some time now.
According to Copperfield Research; a group of financial analysts who publish their predictions on the iPhone, the iPhone8 will not have the long-range charging feature.
The analysts base their predictions on the number of patents Apple has filed. The company has filed 16 patents so far on inductive charging with none on long-range charging. Long range charging would use Radio Frequency technology. IDTI which supplies Apple with the charging components believe that Apple should not be using a third-party supplier for their long range charging technology but develop one of their own.

Apple in one of its patent applications puts in doubt the viability of RF technology stating that ”The technology is inherently inefficient in delivering energy because massive power is lost in transmission,” Reports from insiders state a possibility of the iPhone 8 having an all-glass design to the lineup which would make it easier for the wireless charging systems.

A little hope for apple lovers lies in the possibility that iPhone8 could really bring long-range wireless charging as a surprise if it proceeds to co-operate with Energous-a charging company, to deliver the feature. Energous boasts of WattUp which lets users boost the battery life of devices when within a room of the charging port using RF technology.

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In a recent interview with one of the leading tech blogs internationally, Energous CEO said that the company had secured a partnership with one of the biggest electronic companies in the work.
Wireless charging seems destined for the iPhone8. Question is, will Apple add the long range charging capability now? We all hold our breath

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