App Review: Smoke weed and connect with High There!

Times have changed and individuals no longer have time to go on coffee dates to choose “the one” Dating apps of all kinds have emerged with specifications elaborate to accommodate specific kinds of people.  Dating applications that are only fit for Christians, Muslims and Atheist or even a certain profession already exist.

Darren Roberts, CEO of High There! Dating app wants to make change in the industry where stigma of socialization exists. The app that has been christened “tinder of tokers” only accommodates individuals who enjoy a blunt of Marijuana every once in a while or daily according to preference. The app strictly accommodates stoners who are looking to find love.

According to surveys done before, 1 out of 8 adults openly indulge in bhang. With millennials smoking pot on record while at parties, the app does not sound outlandish at all. The CEO admitted to being inspired by the lack of space for marijuana enthusiasts on the internet. He says that the internet has not given space enough freedom of expression which results to lack of connection with like-minded people.

The app allows people of the community to share photos, videos, experiences and content in the JOINTS newsfeed feature. The application has close to 400,000 users and is used globally. Couples from the group have ended up marrying each other and others forming meaningful friendships.

The social network headed by an executive team of five. The social network that also owns a site puts up blogs involving intake of Marijuana and the community around it. The social network through its website also sells trendy Marijuana themed clothes to subscribers.

The site reads “High There! Is a social network that promotes uniting cannabis users and enthusiasts with each other in a friendly and judgment-free environment. Recognized by many as a leading social network in the cannabis industry.



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