Google tricks you didn’t know about.


Google is one of the biggest forces in the internet today. It’s often impossible to mention the internet without google. Most people use google and Gmail, fewer use google drive and google docs and way few will ever access most of google services like Sheets, AdSense etc. Let’s take a look at a few tricks that will make your google experience better.

Searching for pirated software

Most of us will most often need a software or an application you can’t buy either due to lack of means or ability. To find good links to crack versions of the software, just append your search with the terms “94FBR” or “FB94R” an example is “Software name’ 94FBR” without the quotation marks.

Searching for movies and TV shows

Often times we search for our favorite TV show or Movie and land on fake links that will probably lead you to downloading malware. Here is another trick for you. To search for a movie tag the search with the words “index of [NAME OF MOVIE] [FORMAT] parent directory” for example “index of Home Alone.mkv parent directory” one can select a preferred format of viewing like .mp4, .flv, .mov.

Academic Research

To get books for your online research, tag the book or topic title with a file format like .pdf, .epub etc. To find a specific page in a site, use the “site” phrase. For example Site: [website URL] and your search name. To search for a specific Author always begin with “Author: [name]. Google also boasts of that hosts academic journals and books. The site is an academic treasure trove for research.  

Exclude something in a search.

Take for example a search on Hotels in Kenya excluding all hotels in Nairobi. Google has a function to exclude searches.

An Example: Hotels in Kenya –Nairobi. The (-) sign excludes searches on google.

Price Range: Every once in a while, we compare products online before doing your shopping. To get products within a particular range, you can separate your price range with two dots (..) This will give you products only within that price range.

An Example: Hotels in Kenya Ksh5000..Ksh15000 will only list drones within that price range

You can combine tags to get more specific terms.

For example: Hotels in Kenya Kh5000..Ksh15000 –Nairobi. This search will bring Hotels outside Nairobi with the specific price range.

Google also comes loaded with a calculator, a currency convertor and a money market indicator. The above article is for educational purposes only.



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