Here is a computer that fits in your palm: Raspberry pi 3

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  • Posted: January 20, 2017 at 2:30 pm

The Raspberry Pi put into focus the emergence of pint-size computers. The Pi is basically an open motherboard with basic components of a smartphone. It sources its power through a USB cable just like a smartphone. That said, the Pi, is a standalone computer with the ability to run multiple varieties of the Linux operating systems, a Wi-Fi/Bluetooth capability and a Graphics card that gives it the ability to play 1080p videos flawlessly. This graphics card enables you to hook the Pi to your big screen and stream content directly. What’s amore is that the Pi will only set you back KSh 3500($35).

Some of the Features of the Pi include;

Make that old TV a smart TV. With Raspberry Pi, you can connect your dumb old TV to the internet and use it to stream videos and do your work without the need of another computer. What you need is an external keyboard, a USB power source for the Raspberry and a connector hub for the TV.

Storage server. Ever felt the need to have a centralized storage in your office or home without the need for a server or a computer? All you need is to hook your flash drive or external computer to your raspberry Pi and access your files from a centralized storage. To work best, hook it up to a cable connection.

Wireless Network Printer. Tired of walking to the printer to manually print your documents. Worry no more as the Pi can make the task simpler for you. The Pi can be connected to the printer and commands sent to it. This enables printing from almost every networked device in your office or home.

A Wi-Fi- extender– The raspberry pi can be of use to increase the range of your wifi by converting it into a wireless access point .This is best suited for rooms with weak signals or for a comfortable outside browsing experience without the worry of a poor signal. For this an extra USB adapter is required. With a tutorial in hand configuring the pi is straightforward.

A music streaming device. You can hook your home theatre and control whatever music you want to play right on your phone. This is made possible by various music-oriented Operating systems and services that enable music streaming.

As a programming tool– this is the initial intention of the device. The Pi comes loaded with various programming tools that go beyond the command line terminal. Various tools included in the Pi include Python, Animation software for kids, Wolfram Mathematica and scratch. This can be useful especially when learning new languages or for kids to work on.

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